SoproDur® HF-L 513 – High Strength Epoxy Coating

A two-part epoxy resin protective coating based on a special, pigmented construction resin system. For the protection of cementitious substrates against mechanical and chemical loads.


SoproDur® HF-L 513 is an easily workable, highly abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, solvent-free epoxy resin protective coating. It is frost-resistant and creates a durable, water- and vapour-proof surface barrier.

For the protection of cementitious substrates, e.g. screeds, concrete surfaces and finished floor surfaces produced with Sopro HF-S 563 high-strength floor-levelling compound, against mechanical loads and aggressive chemicals, e.g. acids, alkalis, salts, organic substances and solvents. Cures to produce a water- and vapour-proof surface barrier. Do not use SoproDur® HF-L 513 in areas exposed to rising damp.

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Featured Benefits of Streetscape® Sopro EPF 594 Two Component Epoxy Paving Grout

• for joint widths upwards of 5 mm
•  pervious
•  straightforward application
•  may be slurry-applied
•  resistant to suction sweeper loads
•  resistant to frost and de-icing salts
•  suitable for high-pressure water jetting
•  with official test reports
•  for outdoor use

Technical Details for Streetscape® Sopro EPF 594 Two Component Epoxy Paving Grout

Colour Grey
Mixing Ratio (water only) Approx. 2.0 ltr water : 25 kg EPF
(24.50 kg Component A + 0.50 kg Component B)
Pot Life Approx. 45 minutes
Application Temp From +8 °C to +30 °C (substrate, air, material)
Suitability for water jetted surfaces Up to 120 bar (minimum distance approx. 20 cm)
Grouted joints are resistant to high-pressure water jetting after approx. 7 days
Coverage 5 – 15 kg/m², depending on joint width and depth (1.7 kg for 1 l fresh mortar)
Walkable After approx. 24 hours at +20 °C/after approx. 30 hours at +10 °C
Loading After approx. 7 days
Strengths Compressive strength: ≥ 30 N/mm²; Flexural tensile strength ≥ 12 N/mm²
Water Permeability Approx. 500 ltr/h/m²
Joint width/depth From 5 mm/min. 30 mm
From 15 mm/min. 2 × joint width
Note: For 5 – 8 mm joint widths, Sopro EPF requires particularly intensive compaction. For further details, please contact our applications support team on 028 30825970
 Tools Drill with stirrer basket (min. 110 mm diameter), forced-action mixer, (90 ltr) mortar tub, water hose with spray nozzle, rubber squeegee and soft (coconut) broom
 Tool Cleaning With water while material is still fresh
  Shelf life  Approx. 18 months, subject to storage on pallet in dry and cool conditions in original unopened containers. Protect from frost.
 Packaging 25 kg bucket incl. curing agent (24.5 kg sand/resin mix, 0.5 kg curing agent)

Packaging: 25 kg bucket incl. curing agent (24.5 kg sand/resin mix, 0.5 kg curing agent)


Note: Depending on nature of paving material, some grout residue may remain and intensify or modify pavement colouring. Glossing and colour changes may occur in some cases. These surface changes will, however, disappear over time where pavement is freely weathered and exposed to mechanical abrasion. Trial application on sample surface is recommended! Regular cleaning of joints and removal of dirt/soiling are essential in order to ensure long-term water permeability of Sopro EPF paving grout.