Sopro HE 449 Bonding Emulsion

Sopro HE 449 Bonding Emulsion is a polymer dispersion used as bonding layer for mineral surface fillers and plasters/renders (e. g. Sopro FS 15 plus and Sopro FS 30 maxi floor-levelling compounds). For wet-on-wet application. Also can be used for modification of mortars, screeds and slurries.

As adhesion promoter/bonding layer prior to application of Sopro FS15 550 floor-levelling compound, Sopro FAS 551 fibre-reinforced self-levelling filler, Sopro RS 462 repair filler, Sopro Repadur 40S rapid-set concrete repair mortar, Sopro RAM 3 454 renovations and levelling mortar, Sopro AMT 468 levelling mortar with trass, Sopro SP 466 lightweight levelling mortar, Sopro RAP 2 434 renovations and levelling render, Sopro DYX 700 cement paint, Sopro HPF 942 refractory plaster, and renders classed under mortar group P II (lime-cement) and P III (cement) to DIN 18550. For modification and enhancement of site-mixed mortar properties. Compliance with technical datasheets for the aforementioned products is essential.

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Benefits of Sopro HE 449 Bonding Emulsion

• For indoor and outdoor use
• For wet-on-wet application
• Straightforward application
• Serves as bonding layer with good bonding performance
• Coverage: approx. 100-200 g/m² as a bonding layer

Field Of Application for Sopro HE 449 Bonding Emulsion

For application as bonding layer, mix Sopro HE 449 with water in specified proportions and brush generously onto substrate. Subsequent surface filler or mortar coating shall then be applied wet-on-wet. Where a Sopro self-levelling filler is to be subsequently applied, allow a short evaporation time for Sopro HE 449 after brushing on. Do not, however, allow complete evaporation or full drying of priming coat. Apply filler while priming coat is still tacky (check using ‘finger test’). Waiting time may range between 5 and 30 minutes depending on site conditions (temperature, humidity, air movement and substrate suction). As modifier and for preparation of spatterdash, Sopro HE 449 should be added as admixture to mixing water.

Suitable Substrates for Sopro HE 449 Bonding Emulsion

Absorbent mineral substrates: concrete (min. 3 months old), natural and cast stonework, plasterwork/ render, and masonry incorporating standardized materials and technically approved products. Smooth and non-absorbent substrates: existing tile and terrazzo coverings, firmly adhering lacquer/varnish coatings etc.

Available in sizes: Canister: 10 kg & 5 kg. Bottle: 1 kg (12 in a pack)