Sopro SMART® Mesh – Sopro PG-X 1188 – Armour scrim eXtra

Sopro SMART® is a special, extra-high-tensile and tear-resistant, crack-bridging glass-fibre scrim as additional reinforcement for Sopro self-levelling screeds, tile adhesives, waterproof membranes, surface fillers, plasters and renders. Suitable for renovation, refurbishment and new-build.Sopro SMART® Flooring System.

Benefits of SMART® Mesh – Sopro PG-X 1188 – Armour scrim eXtra Mesh

  • For walls and floors, indoors and outdoors
  • Additional reinforcement for extra impact strength and displacement resistance
  • For improved crack-bridging performance and stress relief
  • Component in Sopro SMART® system 
  • Can be loose laid, will not stand up
  • No floating-up in case of cementitious surface fillers
  • Strong adhesion to other Sopro products
  • Long-term alkali resistance
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Mesh size: approx. 6.8 (warp) x 3 (weft) mm


Sopro SMART® Flooring System is a fast-track, lightweight, void former, floor renovation system. The key benefits of the system, developed specifically for the refurbishment and renovation sector, are SMART®: Strong, Mineral, Airy, Rapid, and True.

In its core, is the new Sopro LZ 987 SMART® lightweight aggregate, a non-combustible, mineral material made from expanded glass granulate. Sopro LZ 987 is mixed with Sopro Rapidur® B5 rapid-set screed binder to produce moisture-resistant, thermally and sound-insulating, lightweight levelling layers with low area loads and lasting dimensional stability.


This is overcoated with a min. 10 mm thick self-levelling filler layer comprising Sopro VS 582, reinforced by Sopro PG-X 1188 armour scrim eXtra, that serves to spread loads and create a true, level surface. Thanks to its rapid installation, the Sopro SMART® System offers an interesting alternative to conventional board subfloor solutions. Its true, level finish makes it ideal for the subsequent installation of large-format ceramic units.

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Floor Screeds and compounds from Smet Building Products Ltd have been used throughout Europe for over 40 years. Our comprehensive  Lightweight Flowing Screeds include LiteFlo®, ProofTherm Lightweight Insulating Screed, and Sopro SMART® – Lightweight Flooring Renovation System.  All are suitable for Compounds for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and Design use. The SMET Screed range has a Floor Screed solution for any building requirement.