Perimeter Edge Insulation for use with Screed

Underfloor Heating Edge Insulation 25m in colour Blue.  Edge insulation strips are essential for any water (UFH) underfloor heating system. They are designed to provide a separation layer between the wall and screed floor layer in floating floors suited with underfloor heating systems ( especially with “wet” underfloor heating systems). These edge insulation strips can be applied both in domestic and commercial buildings.

Perimeter Edge Insulation_ available in UK & ROI from SMET

Perimeter Edge Insulation_ available in UK & ROI from SMET

Edge insulation strips are made of low-density polyethylene (LOPE). Screed edge insulation strips are ready perimeter insulation strips that provide an expansion gap between the floating floor and the wall, recommended especially when installing a “wet” underfloor heating system. Thanks to five horizontal perforations every 1 cm from the top edge of the tape, the height of the edge insulation strip can be adjusted by precisely trimming away the excess of the strip protruding over the floor surface.

The edge insulation strip comes with a sealing polyethylene overlap that successfully covers the junction of the vertical thermal insulation layer (edge insulation strip) and the horizontal thermal insulation layer. Edge insulation strips have a 1 cm wide layer of adhesive, covered with a strip of silicone-coated paper. The purpose of the adhesive film is to facilitate the process of fixing the edge insulation strip to the wall when installing a floating floor.

Benefits of Perimeter Edge Insulation for use with Screed

  • Ensures correct functioning of particular heating elements
  • 25 m in length
  • Density 25kg/m3
  • Thickness 8mm
  • Absorbs stresses that occur at the junction of walls and floor with underfloor heating system as a result of thermal deformations of the floor
  • Reduces the loss of heat generated by underfloor heating plates through the walls
  • Provides acoustic insulation for many construction elements
  • Ensures easy installation guaranteed by an adhesive film thanks to which the edge insulation strip can be securely fixed to walls and other space dividers

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