Sopro Rapidur® EB 5 Screed Accelerator

A powder concentrate used to produce rapid-set screeds allowing early flooring installation.

Additive blend to accelerate setting of screeds made from Portland cement (CEM I), Portland-slag cement (CEM II)*) and Portland-limestone cement (CEM II)*) of strength classes 32.5 or 42.5.**) Hydration process is speeded up through rapid water-binding properties of concentrate constituents.

Sopro Rapidur® EB 5 is used in conjunction with cement (see Table 1) to produce a reliable, rapid-set binder for screeds that allows early flooring installation. A residual moisture content of 2 % is achieved after 3 – 5 days under normal site conditions. As rapid-set screeds produced with Sopro Rapidur® EB 5 exhibit a considerably greater surface strength and higher loadability than standard cement screeds, they can accommodate normal site traffic, with no risk of damage, after only approx. 3 days.

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Benefits of Sopro Rapidur® EB 5 Screed Accelerator 5

• allows early use of screed
• good workability
• allows early flooring installation
• also suitable for heated screeds
• highly economical

*) For cement types, see Table 1
**) Given the wide variety of types of cement available on the market that are classed under the specified common types, a suitability test shall be performed prior to screed laying.

Technical Details for Rapidur® EB 5 Screed Accelerator 5

Mixing Ratio 5 % of cement weight;
1 × 1.25 kg PE bag per 25 kg bag of CEM I/CEM II cement as specified in Table 1
Pot Life Cement screeds to which Sopro Rapidur® EB 5 accelerator is added have a working life of approx. 45 minutes.
Walkable After 6 – 10 hours
Ready to Recieve Floor Covering After 3 – 5 days for subsequent tiling; after the achievement of residual moisture content ≤ 1.8% CM
for other floor coverings, e.g. linoleum, PVC etc. and wood or parquet flooring
Application Temperature Between +5 °C and max. +30 °C
Specified Times Apply for the normal temperature range of +23 °C and 50 % relative humidity; higher temperatures shorten and lower temperatures lengthen these times.
Coverage 1 x 1.25 kg PE bag per 25 kg bag of cement
Packaging 10 kg box (8 × 1.25 kg PE bags)

Available in 1.25kg bags. With 8 bags per box (10kg total).

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