Sopro GH 564 Crack Repair Resin

Sopro GH 564 Crack Repair casting resin is a high-fluidity, two-component acrylic resin system for structural bonding of cracks in screeds. Extended with silica sand, its suitable for filling joints and defective areas and for levelling out irregularities.

Sopro GH 564 is a two-component acrylic resin system for crack grouting, filling, and bonding. Extremely versatile with very high strength. Particularly suitable for filling cracks and joints, both indoors and outdoors.

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Benefits of Sopro GH 564 Crack Repair Resin

• or indoor and outdoor use
• for floors
• water, weather and chemical resistant
• rapid-set
• suitable for floor heating systems
• including 10 corrugated-metal cross-dowels
• loadable: after approx. 1 hour
• coverage: Approx 1.0kg/dm3

Technical Details for Sopro GH 564 Crack Repair Resin

Working Life Pot life may be adjusted as required (depending on quantity of curing agent added): approx. 10 minutes where all curing agent added; approx. 20 minutes where 2/3 of curing agent added
Walkable Approx 1 hour
Loadable Full mechanical strength after approx. 12 hours
Specified times Apply for normal temperature range of +23°C and 50% relative humidity; higher temperatures shorten and lower temperatures lengthen these times.
Application temperature From +5°C (substrate, air, material)
Coverage Approx. 1 kg/dm3
Tool cleaning Clean tools and soiling with universal thinner while the material is still fresh; mechanical cleaning required when set.
Shelf life Approx. 12 months, subject to storage in cool, dry, frost-free conditions; tightly seal opened containers.
Packaging 0.75 kg pot (708 g resin, 42 g curing agent) includes 10 corrugated metal cross dowels.

Packaging: two components – 0.75 kg pots.