Sopro HPS 673 Bonding Primer

Special light-grey, polymer dispersion-based, silica sand-modified, solvent-free primer, applied as bonding layer to impervious, smooth and non-absorbent substrates prior to surface filler application or tile laying. Particularly suitable for laying on existing ceramic coverings. Also used as bonding primer on timber, mastic asphalt or magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) screeds and existing firmly adhering adhesive residue, lacquers/varnishes and PVC coverings.


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Benefits Sopro HPS 673 Bonding Primer

■ Ready-to-use and quick-drying
■ Ideal for renovation and refurbishment
■ High coverage
■ Suitable for floor heating systems
■ Approved for shipbuilding
■ For walls and floors
■ Solvent-free
■ EMICODE system of GEV (German Association for Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation): EC1PLUS (“very-low-emission-plus”) rating
■ DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): Top quality level 4, Line 81)
■ For indoor and outdoor use

Field Of Application

For preparation of dense, smooth, closed-pore substrates to guarantee adhesion of surface fillers and tile adhesives. Sopro HPS 673 bonding primer also prevents unwanted chemical reactions between old, organic PVC, carpet, parquet or adhesive residue and hydraulically setting surface fillers and adhesives. When applied as pretreatment to timber materials, Sopro HPS 673 prevents swelling of substrate. Application of Sopro HPS 673 provides surfaces with good key. Not suitable for underwater applications.

Suitable Substrates

Smooth and non-absorbent substrates, e.g. existing ceramic tile, terrazzo, natural and cast stone coverings; mastic asphalt screeds without sand blinding, asphalt tiles, magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) screeds, non-absorbent concrete; timber substrates, e.g. particleboard and
scuff-sanded parquet. Existing, firmly adhering uPVC and linoleum flooring, concrete sealers and screed coatings, adhesive residue from PVC flooring, carpeting or parquet.

Available in Buckets: 10 kg, 5 kg, 3 kg, and 1 kg pots (10 No. in box)

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