Sopro SG 602 Primer Sealer

Special, solvent-free, one-component synthetic resin primer for high- and variable suction substrates. Particularly suitable for subsequent application of mineral adhesives, surface fillers, and waterproof membranes.


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Benefits of Sopro SG 602 Primer Sealer

• For walls and floors, indoors
• Particularly suitable for calcium sulphate screeds and self-levelling calcium sulphate screeds
• Acting as barrier coat to prevent penetration of adhesive/mortar moisture into screed
• Overcoatable after 2 – 5 hours
• Dilutable 1 : 1 with water, depending on application
• Suitable for floor heating systems
• Solvent-free
• GISCODE (German hazardous substances classification): D1
• EMICODE system of GEV (German Association for Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation): EC1PLUS (“very-low-emission-plus”) rating
• DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): Top quality level 4, Line 8 1)

Field Of Application for Sopro SG 602 Primer Sealer

Sopro SG 602 primer reduces absorbency and evens out variable suction in the substrate. It protects against moisture from bedding adhesive. It stabilizes friable surfaces and binds loose particles. Sopro SG 602 improves adhesion. It prevents bubbling where overcoated by surface fillers and waterproof membranes; premature water loss is prevented where thin-bed tile adhesives and waterproof membranes are subsequently applied. As primer on calcium sulphate screeds for normal and rapid-set Sopro thin-bed adhesives, for tile sizes ≤ 1 m². 1 m².

For a comprehensive range of primers, contact SMET.  For DPM Barrier coat.

Available in Buckets: 0 kg canister, 10 kg canister, 5 kg canister

* Based on DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) criterion ‘ENV1.2 Local Environmental Impact’ (2015 version).