Former National School built in 1882 restored using SMET sustainable mortars

Job: Restoration of C19th former National School, located in Omeath Co Louth using a range of SMET sustainable mortars

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A range of SMET sustainable mortars was again specially selected in the sympathetic restoration, and conservation of an old former National School in idyllic Omeath, Co Louth, Ireland.  Constructed in 1882, this 19th-century property originally served as a National School for the local area, the Cooley Peninsula.  SMET NHL 3.5 was used for the external rendering and basecoats for the internal plastering, which was finished with bauprocalc KG Hydraulic Lime-Based Skim Coat. Additionally, a new extension was internally plastered with Prooftherm lime base insulating Render/Plaster and finished with bauprocalc KG.

The main driver for selecting lime-based mortars, plasters, and renders is the product’s special composition which allows the product to breathe and also permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment.  Quadruple-BSI-certified SMET Building Products continues to champion sustainability and ethical responsibility in the construction industry, making it a trusted partner for conscientious builders and developers. For more restoration case studies, visit:

This restoration is another wonderful showcase of sympathetic historic building restorations across Ireland, using superior-quality NHL available from SMET.  SMET NHL binders, available online or in-store via our distribution partner Haldane Fisher, are particularly suited for ecological new builds, conservation, restoration, and preservation works. The products’ special composition allows mortars to breathe and permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment.


Historical restorations in Ireland are essential for maintaining the country’s architectural heritage and cultural identity. These projects require a delicate balance between preserving historical authenticity and incorporating modern sustainability practices. Through careful planning and execution, Ireland’s historic buildings can be conserved for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Talk to SMET regarding your historical restoration.  Let us help you focus on sustainability, aiming to reduce the environmental impact while preserving your building’s heritage.

Our comprehensive range of restoration and preservation products, combined with exceptional technical support and focused aftercare, are some of the key drivers in the selection of SMET natural conservation products.

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and BES 6001 accredited Smet Building Products Ltd, demonstrating – once again – best practices in supporting Smet Supported Partners.