Derrymore House Hunting Lodge Restoration

Job: Derrymore House Hunting Lodge Restoration
Product Used: SMET NHL 3.5

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SMET NHL 3.5 binder was specially selected for the restoration of the historical Derrymore House – Hunting Lodge in Co Armagh. As part of the Lodge restoration, the worn external walls were repaired, plaster traditionally restored and the historical granite pathways repointed using high-quality pure Natural Hydraulic Lime 3.5 binder from SMET. As SMET NHL 3.5 is a moderately hydraulic lime binder, used for the production of mortars, so it’s particularly suited for restoration and preservation works. The product’s special composition allows the mortar product to breathe and also permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment.  As a result, the old buildings retain their historical character befitting their location and use.  NHL binders, available directly from SMET and distribution partner Haldane Fisher, are particularly suited for ecological new builds, conservation, restoration, and preservation works. The Derrymore House Hunting Lodge restoration is another showcase of sympathetic historic building restoration, using top quality NHL products available from SMET. The comprehensive range of NHL restoration and preservation products, combined with exceptional technical support and aftercare, are key drivers in the selection of their natural conservation systems. ISO9001, ISO14001 and ASBP accredited Smet Building Products Ltd, demonstrating – once again – best practices in supporting their selected partners in Natural Hydraulic Lime products.