Mellerick’s Pharmacy, Co Cork restored to its former glory by Colman Howard Lime Plastering

Job: Mellerick’s Pharmacy, Co Cork
Smet Supported Partner:
Colman Howard Lime Plastering
Product: CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830 and SMET NHL 3.5

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CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830 – Hydraulic Lime Based Render and SMET NHL 3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime Binder were selected for the renovation of this important building in Cork. Bauprocalc KAP 830 is a factory-produced hydraulic hardening render/plaster based on lime, specially designed for hand and machine application produced to DIN EN 998-1: 2003. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected aggregates, hydraulic and building lime to EN 459-1 and other components to give a high-quality rendering product that is suitable for use in external rendering and internal plastering. This CE marked product is a factory-produced Hydraulic Lime Plaster, specially designed for hand and machine application produced to DIN EN 998-1: 2003. The product’s unique properties such as; high water vapour permeability (breathability), sustainability, and the special composition which allows constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment, were the key drivers in the selection of this lime system. Smet Supported Partner, Colman Howard Lime Plastering applied the high-quality products to a high-class finish. Another showcase of sympathetic restoration, using top quality Lime products available from Smet Building Products Ltd. The overall building contractor was Gowen Construction Ballyhooly, Mallow, Co. Cork. Colman Howard Lime Plastering tells us a bit more about the significance of the renovation: ‘the building provides an imposing feature on Patrick Street, offering an unusual gable-fronted façade to the streetscape. It’s varying but symmetrical openings enhance its tall form, which is articulated by the render pilasters and sill courses. The oculus opening is an unusual feature and is highlighted by its moulded render surround. During surveying works, the historic building’s original pitch pine ceiling was uncovered, a masterpiece in carpentry. A local architect was engaged to redesign the store, dividing it into two retail units and we were very proud to be awarded the contract to be involved in this restoration, our reputation has been built on the quality of our work and the skill and expertise of our craftsmen, this project offered us the opportunity to showcase our skills to the full’. Well done teams!

Our comprehensive range of NHL restoration and preservation products, combined with exceptional technical support and aftercare, are the key drivers in the selection of SMET natural conservation products.

ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 accredited Smet Building Products Ltd, demonstrating – once again – best practices in supporting Smet Supported Partners in Natural Hydraulic Lime products.