ProofTherm Insulating Render/Plaster

A high performance, breathable, insulating, mineral render/plaster by ProofShield.

ProofTherm insulating render/plaster provides multiple benefits in a single product. It can be used as a stand-alone insulation upgrade on external and internal walls, or as part of an insulation system on new build projects. It is particularly useful as an effective insulation measure on older properties due to its high vapour permeability which allows the building to breathe, maintaining a healthy environment free from damp and mould.

ProofTherm is a breathable, insulating, mineral render whose primary components are cement, hydraulic lime, insulating aggregates, proprietary binders, and polymers. It is available in different formulas as an external wall render, internal wall plaster, and self-levelling floor screed.

A single 20mm coat of ProofTherm external wall render applied to a bare masonry wall will increase its thermal resistance by 250%

Benefits of ProofTherm Insulating Render/Plaster

  • Highly effective insulation
  • Breathable: For a healthier living space
  • Recognised energy-saving measure
  •  100% natural mineral render. No VOC’s
  •  Fireproof
  •  Acoustic insulating
  •  Hand or machine application
  •  Thermal comfort: the Increased thermal mass of walls means the home holds its heat in winter and remains cooler in summer.

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Technical Details for ProofTherm Insulating Render/Plaster

ProofTherm Insulating Render_Plaster_Technical data

ProofTherm Insulating Render_Plaster_Technical data

Available in 15 and 20 kg bags.

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