SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed


Our unique German-made, factory-produced, pumpable, high-quality LiteFlo® Alpha Hemihydrate screed is based on calcium sulphate and selected lightweight aggregates.

LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Screed is designed for application at thicknesses of between 20 and 90 mm and is particularly suitable for application over timber suspended floors and in high-rise buildings and apartment blocks. LiteFlo® complies with EN 13813: 2002. and is CE-marked.

LiteFlo® is suitable for floors in homes, offices, public buildings, and places exposed to similar loads. LiteFlo® may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load-bearing floor, unbonded on a separating barrier (polyethene), as a floating floor and can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating or cavity floors. However, when using LiteFlo® in combination with underfloor heating, it should be noted that LiteFlo® has a low thermal conductivity.

LiteFlo® should be covered with a floor finish such as tiles, linoleum, parquet, cork, or carpet. If a cement-based adhesive or smoothing compound is required the surface of the screed must first be sealed, using an appropriate acrylic primer/sealer.

SMET LiteFlo® is unique, in that it’s the first pumpable lightweight flowing screed available.  It’s made from specially selected aggregates, which makes it 30% lighter than conventional flowing screeds and 70% lighter than sand and cement, meaning less material is required per m2. The lightweight flowing screed can be placed in reduced thicknesses, and naturally has substantially lower embodied carbon emissions than a sand & cement screed.

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Benefits of SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed

• Lightweight – high yield, 43kg per m2 @ 40mm
• Ideal for application in high-rise buildings & over timber suspended floors
• 30% weight reduction compared to normal CA screed
• Smooth Laitance Free Finish
• Pump applied
• Under Floor Heating – Full Encapsulation
• CE Marked
• EN 13813: 2002

Technical Details for SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed

Screed Specification EN 13813: 2002
Maximum Thickness 90mm
Minimum Thickness

Bonded: 20mm

Unbonded: 30mm

Domestic: 35mm

Commercial: 40mm

Over Underfloor heating Pipes: 25mm (BS 8204-7)

Use (External Use) No
Use (Internal Use) Yes
Compressive Strength (28 days) ≥ 20.0 N/mm²
Flexural Strength (28 days) ≥ 4.0 N/mm²
Tensile Adhesion > 1.5 N/mm²
Yield  1.08 kg/mm/m²
Flow Rate 240 – 260mm (slump flow – Hägermann cone)
Hardening Time (light foot traffic) after approx.12 hours, can be partially loaded after approx. 7 days
Hardening Time (final covering) Final Covering: 2 – 6 weeks dependent on thickness and drying conditions
Recommend water content 9 – 10 L water per 27kg bag
Working Life 45  – 60 minutes depending on ambient conditions
Reaction To Fire A1 Non-Combustible
Thermal Conductivity (tabular value) λR = 0.40 W/mK
Yield 1.08 kg/mm/m²
Fresh (Wet) Density 1.5 kg/l
Hardened Dry Density 1.3 kg/m³
pH Value > 7.0

SMET LiteFlo® is supplied to sites in convenient 27 kg pre-mixed bags or in bulk site silos.

Check out a short video on-site at the GWQ Tower in London 2015 – the mixing set up and equipment used: