Refurbishment of a Games room floor in Dundalk | Sopro VS 582 | easily lays to falls and fills

Job: Games Room Floor Refurbishment
Smet Supported Partner:
Ciaran MCAteer
Product: Sopro VS 582 Self Levelling Filler

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Tricky flooring refurb?  Our Smet Supported Partner, builder, Ciaran McAteer uses a practical solution suitable for the professional flooring contractor or tiler.  VS 582 is a truly one-fits all filler, self-levelling smoothing screed with excellent mouldability for easily laying to falls. It can be used inside and out at 3–70 mm coat thickness, and the 2-in-1 formulation means it’s suitable as a self-levelling filler and laid to falls. It’s strong, with a compressive strength after 28 days: approx. 35 N/mm² (as levelling coat laid to falls), dries quickly and is pumpable!

A flexible, self-levelling, mouldable, rapid-set, cementitious, fibre-reinforced surface filler, with 2-in-1 formulation for simultaneous levelling and creation of falls. Excellent workability and mouldability because you also have the flexibility of adding water.

Benefits of Sopro VS 582

  • 3 – 70 mm coat thickness
  •  For floors, indoors and outdoors
  • 2-in-1 formulation: suitable as self-levelling filler and for laying to falls
  • Compressive strength after 28 days: approx. 35 N/mm² (as levelling coat laid to falls)
  • Flexural tensile strength after 28 days: approx. 7 N/mm² (as levelling coat laid to falls)
  • Self-levelling
  • Outstanding mouldability when laid to falls
  • Quick-drying
  • Flexible, fibre-reinforced
  • Pumpable
  • Suitable for timber flooring
  • Suitable for floor heating systems
  • Long working life: 30 – 40 minutes
  • Walkable after 2 – 3 hours

No client is too large or too small. SMET delivers another innovative, showcase flooring solution to the professional builder.  Click here at other jobs using our Sopro levellers and flooring compounds

SMET is renowned for its comprehensive range of professional CE marked, EPD certified products.  The SMET flooring range includes; calcium sulphate-based screed binders, self-smoothing calcium sulphate-based screeds & compounds, cement-based screed binders, self-smoothing cement-based screeds, lightweight flowing screedsprofessional tiling materials & tools, tanking and wet-room solutions, barrier coats, primers & bonding agents; for any domestic, commercial, industrial or design-flooring use.

Suffice to say, the SMET product portfolio includes a German-made floor solution for any new or repair flooring requirement. Get in touch for your upcoming floor screed or tiling project.