ProofTherm Lightweight Insulating Screed

Our ProofTherm Insulating Screed is a bagged, lightweight alternative to traditional screed with the added benefit of providing thermal and acoustic insulation. It can be used for flooring or on roofs where it can be installed to falls. ProofTherm is a natural mineral formulation that uses Perlite to provide the insulating aggregate. Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral formed from Volcanic rocks that have expanded and trapped millions of micro air bubbles before cooling and hardening.

ProofTherm lightweight screed is not designed to provide a permanent wearable surface and should be finished off with a cement sand screed or similar.

ProofTherm insulating floor screed is a lightweight, breathable and easy to use insulating screed that is suitable for use on almost all floor structures.

ProofTherm offers a low-cost, effective and simple way of insulating floors to provide greater thermal comfort and increased acoustic insulation.

Suitable for use as a base layer for underfloor heating, it reduces heat loss through the floor and can be applied manually as a “dry” screed or pumped.

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NBSplus National Building Specification Clause

Benefits of ProofTherm Lightweight Insulating Screed

  • Ultra-lightweight – approx. 500kg/m3
  • Insulating: Very low thermal conductivity = effective insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation: The open structure of our insulating render provides effective sound-deadening due to the cellular nature of the Perlite aggregate
  • Fire-resistant: Mineral screed does not burn or emit noxious gas even at 1000c. Tested to fire resistance classification of A1 under EN 998-1
  • Energy Saving: Reduces heat loss through floors
  • Low cost: Requires significantly less product per m2 due to ultra-low density
  • Underfloor heating: The perfect base on which to install an underfloor heating system

Technical Details for ProofTherm Lightweight Insulating Screed

ProofTherm Lightweight Insulating Screed
Maximum Thickness 100mm
Minimum Thickness 20mm
Use (Internal Use) Yes (requires a watertight, wearing surface)
Use (External Use) Yes (requires a watertight wearing surface)
Thermal Conductivity, λ10dry(W/m2K) T1 (0.1 W/m² K) EN 1745, Chart A1/ EN 1745,

Item 4.2.2

Compressive Strength  CS II (3.5 N/mm²) EN 1015 – 11ᵃ
Adhesion(N/mm²) and fracture pattern A,B or C FP: B 1.2 N/mm² EN 1015 – 12
Capillary Water Absorption W1(c ≤ 0,4 kg/ m².min.⁰⁵) EN 1015 – 18
Water vapour permeability (μ) ≤ 15 ( 5.5 μ ) EN 1015 -19 a,b
Dry bulk density (kg/m³) 500 kg/m³ ±10% EN 1015 – 10
Sound insulation dB 23db/ 22db/ (3cm/500hz) EN ISO 10140-2
Joule test I 2 (Damaged at 2 joule level) EN 13497
Coverage Approx 5.5 kg per m² @10mm depth. 1 bag=3.63m² @ 10mm
Drying time 8 Hours (at 23°C, 50% Relative Humidity)
Full drying time 36 Hours (at 23°C, 50% Relative Humidity)
Drying Time for Testing 28 days at 23°C, 50% Relative Humidity)
Application Temperature +5 – +35°C +5 – +35°C
Application Duration (Pot Life) 4 Hours (at 23°C, 50% Relative Humidity)
Colour/appearance Grey /granule
Packaging 20 kg ±10% bagged dry product
Reaction to Fire A1 EN 13501 – 1

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ProofTherm Lightweight Insulating Screed is supplied to site in convenient 20 kg – 40lt ±25 bagged dry product.

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