Maldron Hotel Swimming Pool Renovation Tiles and Tanking | Precision Building Services

Job: Maldron Hotel Swimming Pool Renovation, Portlaoise, Co. Laois.
Smet Supported Partner:
Precision Building Services – Mark Pemberton
Product: Sopro Rapidur® B5 Rapid Drying Screed Binder

Merlin Barrier Coat

Sopro RAM 3 (454) Renovation and Levelling Mortar

Sopro GD 749 Universal Floor and Wall Primer

Sopro DSF® 523 Tanking Membrane

Sopro PUK 503 PU Adhesive

Sopro VF HF 420 – VarioFlex® High Strength Flexible Tile Adhesive

Sopro’s No. 1 Flexible Tile Adhesive

Sopro Sanitary Silicone

Sopro DE 014/015 Sealing Corners

Sopro FKM® XL 444 – Extra Light Weight Tile Adhesive

Sopro FEP 508

Sopro DBF-638

Racofix 818

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SMET supplied Smet Supported Partner, Precision Building Services (Mark Pemberton), for the renovation of the Maldron Hotel Swimming Pool, Portlaoise, Co. Laois. A total area of Floor screed @ 140m² | Wall tiling @125m² | Floor tiling @ 140 m² was completed.

New floor installation with fast-track – rapid drying floor screed solution, using Sopro Rapidur® B5 Rapid Drying Screed Binder, a fast-setting screed which was laid to falls prior to waterproofing and tiling providing an early completion. German-made Rapidur® B5 Rapid Drying Screed Binder is a special polymer-modified binder for particularly economical ­production of high-strength, rapid-set cement screed – based on DIN 18560.

Rapidur® B5 is suitable for use on heated screeds, bonded screeds, unbonded screeds, and floating screeds. This flooring solution is particularly useful for fast-track or tightly scheduled screed laying. The newly laid Rapidur® B5 screed floor is ready to receive floor covering after approx. 3 days – after the achievement of moisture content ≤ 1.8 % CM. Sopro Rapidur® B5 is supplied in 25kg bags, with 40 bags per pallet.

Sopro Rapidur® B5 was installed directly on top of Merlin Barrier Coat wet on wet. The screed was ready for waterproofing/tiling after 3 days. This system was also used to repair the Jacuzzi’s surrounding walls prior to waterproofing, tiling, and grouting.

Sopro RAM 3 levelled the deck area (3-60mm) between the drainage channel edge and pool perimeter movement joint. Sopro RAM 3 was bonded with Sopro GD 749.

Sopro No.1 tile adhesive created a notched finish on the walls of the drainage channel for Sopro RAM 3 to also level out. Finer repairs (0-10mm) on the channel wall were repaired with Sopro Repadur 10s. As the Sopro Repadur 10s is a highly polymer-modified, there was no need for priming bar pre-dampening with water.

Sopro DSF 523 Tanking Membrane was applied in 3 coats (2mm dried film thickness) to waterproof the deck screed, repaired drainage channels and surrounding shower area walls (pipe collars were also installed).

Sopro DBF-638 pre-folded tape, Sopro DE 014/015 Internal/External tape and Racofix 818 were also used in the overlapping and waterproofing of the wall/floor joints in the channel.

Capillary Seal (Sopro EPG 522: Fine Sand: Coarse Sand – 1:1:1) was installed around the perimeter of the pool where the drainage channel meets the deck screed. A 45-degree cut was made into the screed behind the RAM 3 wall repair and filled with the Capillary Seal mix, preventing pool water leeching into the screed and causing screed erosion.

Sopro PUK 503 polyurethane tile adhesive bonded the mosaic tiles to the jacuzzi once the repairs and waterproofing had finished. Sopro VF HF 420 fast setting high strength tile adhesive was used to bond the deck tiles. These tiles were then grouted with Sopro Titec Plus grout.   Sopro No.1 tile adhesive was also used to bond tiles to the drainage channel walls. Sopro FKM XL 444 tile adhesive was used to bond tiles to the surrounding walls and grouted with Sopro DF 10 Flexible designer grout. Sopro Sanitary Silicone sealed the pool perimeter movement joint after a 10mm packing foam cord was pressed into the joint.

Sopro FEP 508 epoxy grout was used to grout between where the perimeter edge tile met the capillary seal to create a full water-tight grout area.




SMET delivers another innovative, showcase waterproofing and tiling swimming pool solution to their Smet Supported Partners.

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