Whether the job is restoration, conservation, preservation, or an ecological new-build, the advantages of using NHL-based mortars over cement-based mortars are apparent:

Environmentally the manufacture of limes or Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHLs) consumes less energy and produces less greenhouse gases than that of Portland cement per unit weight.*

Lime-based mortars offer a range of advantages from a design perspective.

Walls have improved ‘breathability’ to water and water vapour, which reduces the likelihood of frost failure of materials and thus improves the internal living environment.

Walls have more tolerance to movement caused by thermal and moisture action.

Lime-based mortars are capable of self-healing microscopic cracks by plastic flow and diffusion and are less susceptible to sulphate attack, providing all-round consistently high-quality results.

The SMET Professional range of quality NHL-based mortars, NHL 2, NHL 3.5 and NHL 5 is backed up with the expertise of an on-call technical advisor. Call for questions to Haldane Fishers.

They are readily available at Haldane Fishers stores nationwide:


SMET and Haldane Fisher NHL Brochure

Haldane Fisher SMET NHL

Haldane Fisher SMET NHL Brochure

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*Source: based on De Vekey, 2005.