ProofTherm insulating render available in NI and ROI from SMET

ProofTherm Insulating Render and Screed Solution is Available from SMET📣

ProofTherm Insulation = Breathable: For a healthier living space | Highly effective insulation

Many existing properties could benefit from better insulation. Heat loss through walls accounts for up to 33% of all domestic heat loss in UK and ROI buildings according to The Energy Savings Trust. ProofTherm effectively increases the thermal resistance of any wall, which means its ability to resist temperature change by not allowing heat to pass through it. Better insulated walls mean lower heating bills in winter and a much more comfortable living environment in summer.

A single 20mm coat of ProofTherm external wall render applied to a bare masonry wall will increase its thermal resistance by 250%.

Insulating homes with ProofTherm creates a more comfortable living environment. External walls get a fresh lease of life, giving the house an instant “lift”. Internal walls will be warmer with less trouble from damp and mould.


The insulating aggregate in ProofTherm is full of microscopic air bubbles trapped in a honeycomb-like structure. Heat can’t be conducted easily through air; it’s why we now build houses with cavity walls and why we wear down-filled jackets. By creating a continuous layer of highly aerated render/plaster across a wall, we are creating millions of micro-cavities that resist the flow of heat through the structure. Highly vapour-permeable, ProofTherm allows the structure to breathe, reducing the risk of moisture damage and mould.


ProofTherm uses expanded Perlite as an insulating aggregate to create a highly breathable, lightweight, insulating render/ plaster that can be used to provide significant gains in thermal and acoustic insulation on internal and external walls. The open cell, honeycomb structure of the expanded Perlite creates a thermally resistant barrier that reduces heat and sound transmission through the wall when applied as an external render or an internal plaster.

“A practical and affordable insulation solution that allows buildings to breathe, reducing the problems and damage caused by damp.”

Because it is highly vapour-permeable, ProofTherm allows the structure to breathe, reducing the risk of moisture damage and mould. ProofTherm is suitable for use on external walls, and internal walls and is also available as an insulating floor screed.

SMET Building Products continues to champion sustainability and ethical responsibility in the construction industry, making it a trusted partner for conscientious builders and developers.

SMET’s portfolio includes innovative self-levelling floor screeds, renders, plasters, insulating render/screed, professional tiling systems and natural hydraulic lime products.

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Triple-BSI-certified SMET Building Products continues to champion sustainability and ethical responsibility in the construction industry, making it a trusted partner for conscientious builders and developers.💡

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Well done to the dynamic duo - Colette Hood and Joris Smet!! Pictured here with BSI Client Manager, Mairead Magennis.

Sustainable Procurement

We are BES 6001 Compliant!

SMET is BES 6001 Compliant

SMET is BES 6001 Compliant

Please download our Environmental Policies:

Responsible Sourcing Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd

Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd

Please download our Certificate:

BES 6001 Certificate | Smet Building Products Ltd

📢SMET is Delighted to announce its certification to BES 6001!♻
Well done to the dynamic duo – Colette Hood and Joris Smet!! Pictured here with BSI Client Manager, Mairead Magennis.

The key objectives of the standard are:
✔ To promote responsible sourcing of products
✔ To give clear guidance on the sustainability aspects that should be addressed
✔ To provide confidence that materials and products are being responsibly sourced

The benefits are:
✔ Demonstrating to stakeholders that SMET sources products responsibly
✔ SMET can make more informed decisions when selecting suppliers
✔ SMET improves its overall social and environmental performance

Why is this important?

Responsible sourcing is becoming increasingly important when procuring materials for construction. Standards such as BES 6001 (responsible sourcing of construction products) are increasingly specified on major projects. The BRE developed the BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing. It is an independent stakeholder-supported, third-party scheme that enables manufacturers to have the responsible sourcing credentials of a wide range of materials assessed and certificated.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products provides a holistic approach to managing a product from the point at which component materials are mined or harvested, through manufacture and processing.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products is demonstrated through an ethos of supply chain management and product stewardship and encompasses social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products addresses aspects such as stakeholder engagement, labour practices, and the management of supply chains serving materials sectors upstream of the manufacturer.

What is BES 6001?

Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing

BES 6001 – The Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing – see the Green Book Live Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products page to access the standard and related information.

The standard sets out requirements under 3 main headings:

  • Organisational management
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental and social issues

BES 6001 Certification gives manufacturers the opportunity to:

  • Differentiate their products against competitors
  • Demonstrate corporate reputation and leadership
  • Benchmark their manufacturing performance and facilitate continuous improvement through certification

And specifiers and purchasers the benefit of:

  • Securing additional BREEAM credits for their buildings
  • Reducing risk down the supply chain
  • Demonstrating corporate reputation and leadership.

Read how our two main German suppliers for screed, render, and tiling are doing in their commitments to the environment and sustainability:

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              SMET is BSI quadruple-badged!

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System

We recognise as a supplier of superior quality building products and services; we must ensure our operations are carried out to the highest of standards of corporate responsibility including legal and regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve this, since 2014 we have operated a BSI-registered ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System. This management system underpins our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our day-to-day activities.

SMET is BSI ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018 registered

SMET is BSI ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and ISO 45001:2018 registered

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that outlines how to put an effective environmental management system in place. Within its framework, we can remain commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities.

Our Commitment – Environmental Policy Statement

ISO 14001 Certificate – Smet Building Products Ltd

We realise that we can only remain successful if our activities and products reflect the environmental attitudes of society. Environmental issues and society’s values are considered in the future development and planning of the company. To this end we will:

♻ Conduct our operations in such a way as to have a minimum adverse impact on the environment.

♻ Strive to purchase materials that can be used and disposed of responsibly.

♻ Promote the use of materials that can be recycled where possible, and which can be used in an energy-efficient way.

♻ Minimise waste in our operations by following the principles contained within the Hierarchy of Waste.

♻ Ensure responsible and ethical disposal of any waste products to avoid and prevent pollution in accordance with relevant legislation

♻ Plan to conserve energy through the efficient use of our equipment, vehicles, and office facilities.

♻ Favour suppliers who are committed to sustainable environmental improvement.

♻ Train our employees in environmental issues relating to their day-to-day work and encourage them to care for our community.

♻ Encourage our employees to make suggestions on how our environmental performance can be improved.

♻ Continually strive to improve our environmental performance.

♻ Comply with all applicable legislation and any other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects.


 Joris Smet, Managing Director of Smet Building Products Ltd says, “We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and having an internationally recognised standard will allow us to not only control our environmental impact and comply with the relevant legal requirements but also help our customers do the same.  By influencing our employees and customers we can ensure best practices in envirnomental impacts and continually improve our operating systems and procedures”.