SMET delivers with 42 EPDs now available for a diverse range of construction materials

We are delighted to announce we have 42 EPDs available for a range of superior German-made materials including screeds, tiling, renders, plasters, primers & sealers:

Available now, and free for download, check out: Ireland’s go-to Environmental Product Declaration platform: Search for ’SMET’.

EPD Platform - SMET has full listing available

EPD Platform – SMET has a full listing

What is an EPD?:

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are a standardised way of providing data about the environmental impacts of a product through the product life cycle.

In Europe, they must conform to the European Standard, EN 15804, which ensures that EPD for construction products use a common methodology, report a common set of environmental indicators, and have a common reporting format. This means that EPD can be integrated into building level assessment and used to compare construction products in a building context.

EPD including all life cycle stages is known as “cradle to grave” EPD. EPD can also show the potential benefits of any reuse, recovery, or recycling after end of life in Module D. These modules and stages are standardised across products and building-level environmental assessment (using EN 15978, another of the CEN/TC 350 suite of standards for sustainable construction) so that EPD data can be easily used at building level to assess the life cycle impacts.

Sources of impacts

Remember a product with an EPD is not automatically a product with low environmental impact – the EPD only provides the environmental information about the product which allows you to discover this by comparing it to other products at the building level. However, in obtaining an EPD, the manufacturer will receive an EPD Project Report which explains the sources of impacts through the life cycle, which will allow them to consider how they might best reduce them.

Read more about how to get involved in IGBC’s EPD programme

EPD's - all you need to know

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