ProofDeco Silicon Enhanced Mineral Render

ProofDeco thin-coat mineral render provides a waterproof, silicon-enhanced finish suitable for use over ProofTherm Insulating Render or as a standalone render solution for use on a wide range of substrates. ProofDeco is part of the Advanced Building and Protection System: ProofSheild.

ProofDeco Mineral Render is a polymer modified, mineral render topcoat with the benefit of hybrid silicone additives for enhanced weather protection. It is suitable for use as a breathable topcoat over ProofTherm Insulating Render, to finish off ETICS systems and as a general-purpose decorative render at thicknesses up to 7mm.  ProofDeco Mineral Render is suitable for application in winter conditions (+4c).

Naturally breathable, ProofDeco provides a tough and durable finish that can be used in adverse weather conditions as it is a fast setting, flexible, and highly adhesive.  ProofDeco should be painted with Silicon or Acrylic exterior paint when dry to provide a fully sealed, long-lasting finish with excellent resistance to algae growth.

ProofDeco is a modified cement-based, breathable mineral render that can be used as an exterior render or on internal walls to provide a decorative, tough, impact-resistant finish. It is typically used as a final layer on top of external wall insulation systems or as a stand-alone, non-coloured render.

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Benefits of ProofDeco Silicon Enhanced Mineral Render

● Easy to mix and apply with a pliable structure and excellent adhesion
● 2mm grain size gives a textured finish
● Can be applied in more adverse weather conditions
● Durable with excellent weather and frost resistance and naturally resistant to algae growth
● Coloured white.

Available in 25kg.

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ProofTherm Insulating Render/Plaster is a high-performance, breathable, insulating, mineral render/plaster whose primary components are cement, hydraulic lime, insulating aggregates, proprietary binders, and polymers.

ProofDeco is a Silicon enhanced, mineral render coating designed to provide a tough, decorative, waterproof finish on a wide range of surfaces internally and externally and is the perfect façade finish for ProofTherm insulating render.

ProofBase Primer is the perfect preparation coat for all surfaces prior to the application of ProofTherm Insulating render or plaster both externally and internally. It provides suction control and adhesion.

ThermScreed Insulating Screed is an ultra-lightweight screed that can be used at thicknesses between 15mm and 150mm to provide thermal and acoustic insulation.