ProofBase Universal Acrylic Primer

PProofBase Acrylic Primer is a universal, breathable primer that completes the ideal substrate preparation before the application of ProofTherm Insulating Render or Plaster. ProofBase controls suction and provides an ideal adhesive key for optimum results in all rendering jobs. Its vapour permeable formulation allows the substrate to breathe and works in conjunction with ProofTherm Insulating Render/Plaster to maintain a healthy, damp-free internal environment.


ProofBase is a universal, acrylic primer which is used to treat substrates before the application of ProofTherm
Insulating Render or Plaster. It is sold in ready-to-apply 15l tubs – one tub will cover approximately 125m2.  5l tub will cover approx = 40m2. Mix with clean water at a ratio of 1:1 Apply with brush or roller

See the brochure above for the entire Proofshield system.  Many render solutions are available at SMET.

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National Building Specification Clause

Benefits ProofBase Universal Acrylic Primer

• Highly vapour permeable
• Hydrophobic acrylic formulation
• Easily applied using a roller or brush
• Rapid drying

Packaging: Available in 5 L & 15L tubs.

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