SMET Memberships

SMET is a Member of many organisations that have sustainability in the built-environment at their core.

SMET is a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP), is a non-profit sustainability organisation that seeks to lead the transformation to a healthy low carbon-built environment by championing the understanding and use of demonstrably sustainable building products. We’re also so delighted to be included in the new ASBP Members’ list of published EPDs. This database showcases a curated selection of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for ASBP members’ building products.

ASBP_ SMET has been a member since 2015

ASBP_ SMET has been a member since 2015

SMET is a member of the IGBC 

The Irish Green Building Council – IGBC, is a non-profit organisation that was launched in 2011 with organisations and businesses from across the value chain of the built environment. These include architects, engineerscontractors, universities, professional institutes, NGOs, local authorities, energy companies, and leading national and transnational companies. All are united in one common goal to accelerate the transformation of the built environment to one that is sustainable through leadership, research, education, and providing policy input to national and local government.

SMET is a member of the IGBC since 2019


SMET is a member of The AECB


The Association for Environment Conscious Building is a network of individuals, students, educational establishments, and companies with a common aim of promoting sustainable building. SMET has been a member since 2014.


SMET can also be found listed in the Passive House Plus members directory Marketplace Plus

Passive House plus

Passive House Plus – SMET Directory

We are current members of the following:

IBGC Membership with a wide range of EPDs available 

AECB Membership – published online

ASBP Membership Certificate Smet Building Products Ltd

Passive House Marketplace+ Membership – directory published