The Sulzheim Gypsum Information Centre

On holidays in Germany? Why not visit The Sulzheim Gypsum Information Centre, for a great educational and fun day out!



In summer 2007, the GIZ – Gypsum Information Center opened in the town of Sulzheim, site of the Sulzheim gypsum plant.

This Gypsum Information Center is a tribute from the region to gypsum as a building material, which has been quarried and processed here for centuries.

It features the following:

 • G Gypsum trail, approx. 7 km long
 • I Interactive exhibits
 • P Presentations outdoors
 • S Special exhibits and much more

If the following questions are of interest, you should not miss a chance to visit the Gypsum Information Center:

 • Gypsum Where is it found?
 • … and what does it look like?
 • Gypsum What makes the gypsum hills so special?
 • … and why are they under environmental protection?
 • Gypsum How is it extracted?
 • … and what must be done to process it?
 • Gypsum Why does it harden?
 • … and why is this a useful property?