Reduction in screed weight with the development of SMET LiteFlo®

The significant reduction in weight, combined with excellent pump-ability, makes LiteFlo® ideal for timber frame builds, suspended timber floors, apartment, and multi-storey buildings – anywhere where screed weight is an issue…

The construction industry is often thought of as slow to respond to changes. However, the development of self-levelling floor screed quickly gained acceptance for its speed of laying, fast drying, ease of labour and, that holy grail of building – a level surface.

Concrete floors are heavy though, and the self-levelling screeds currently available often require a correspondingly robust structure to support them. Now the development of the innovative SMET LiteFlo® lightweight flowing floor screed, a new alpha hemihydrate screed from SMET, changes that.

Developed by leading German flooring specialists, LiteFlo® is made from specially selected aggregates; which make it 30% lighter than conventional calcium sulphate flowing screeds and 70% lighter than traditional sand & cement or concrete.

LiteFlo® is genuinely unique in this industry, offering a plethora of benefits over traditional lightweight screeds. Currently, lightweight screeds are solely available in a semi-dry application format – whereas LiteFlo® is pump applied. It’s this ‘pumpability’ – combined with excellent flowability – which makes it particularly unique.

LiteFlo® has literally brought the industry up off its knees! Making it possible – for the first time – to pump apply lightweight screed in large volumes, without the need for additional levelling compounds after application.

The significant reduction in weight, combined with excellent pumpability, makes LiteFlo® ideal for timber frame builds, suspended timber floors, high-rise towers, apartments and multi-storey buildings.

Joris Smet, Director of Smet Building Products Ltd, tells us how the company’s innovative, CE marked LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed combines improved thermal performance with reduced environmental impact, making it possible to install underfloor heating (UFH) in applications where it may have been ruled out – such as restorations, renovations, retrofits, multi-storey and timber frame buildings.

“SMET LiteFlo® is undeniably unique, being the first pumpable, lightweight, calcium sulphate based flowing screed available,”

Joris says “It’s made from specially selected aggregates, making it 30% lighter than conventional flowing screeds, meaning less material is required per m2. Additionally, LiteFlo®’s low weight enables UFH to be installed in multi-storey timber frame buildings at reduced thicknesses, meaning UFH could be retro-fitted without substantially raising floor levels.”

He added, “When LiteFlo® is mixed on-site to create a self-levelling, pumpable screed, it takes up water much more readily than a conventional screed, mixing smoothly and almost completely crystallising – up to 95% in 24 hours. Furthermore, LiteFlo® can be placed in reduced thicknesses, thereby delivering improved floor U-values.”

BENEFITS OF SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed

Benefits of SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed

  • Pumpable – first of its kind available.
  • Lightweight – high yield, 43kg per m2 at 40mm thickness.
  • 30% weight reduction compared to standard calcium sulphate screeds.
  • 70% weight reduction compared to traditional sand and cement.
  • Absolutely deal for application in high-rise buildings, over timber suspended floors in new builds and renovations.
  • Smooth laitance free finish.
  • For application at thicknesses of between 20 and 90mm.
  • Under Floor Heating – full encapsulation.
  • Perfectly level floors – every time.
  • Installed nationwide by Smet Supported Partners.
  • Binder used naturally embodies less carbon than cement-based binders
  • German made.
  • CE EN 13813: 2002

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SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Floor Screed

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