SMET Features In Perspective Magazine

SMET Advertises BIM for Professional Render Systems in Perspective

Smet Building Products Ltd advertises BIM (Building Information Modelling) capability for Professional Render Systems on the back page of the latest full colour Perspective Magazine, see July/August 14 Perspective Magazine.


As true innovators, SMET has became the first company in Ireland’s construction industry sector to partner with the NBS National BIM Library. Businesses adopting BIM will have a key advantage when contracts are being agreed, leaving non-adopters suffering.  The UK government has endorsed BIM whereby all new government sponsored construction projects must use BIM from 2016. This will ensure Smet Building Products Ltd remains at the forefront of innovation, streamlining and efficiency improvements in the construction industry. Click for more information and to download SMET BIM objects in a variety of software formats.