SelfBuild features Smet Quality Floor Special Summer 2013

QUALITY… is a floor screed supplied by a SMET supported partner... reads the headlines on page 12 of the SelfBuild & Improve Your Home Summer edition of their all Ireland magazine for Self-Builders and Home Improvers.

Contact SMET for all your flooring requirements

Contact SMET for all your flooring requirements

Smet Building Products Ltd has linked up with a number of leading companies to supply quality flowing floor screed while providing a range of additional benefits.

“This is the perfect example of working in partnership,” explained Joris Smet, Managing Director of Smet Building Products Ltd. “It creates a unique working relationship and benefits not only Smet and the supported partner but the customer as well, which is what we are all setting out to achieve.”

As a family-run business with over a decade of experience in the dry mortar industry – both nationally and internationally – Smet is passionate about delivering the leading names in building products direct from mainland Europe to Ireland and the UK.

The company’s strength is offering innovative, high quality products supported by exceptional customer service and this is where becoming a Smet Supported Partner provides additional benefits and a positive experience. “It is not a one-size-fits-all solution,” explained Joris. “We ascertain and meet the specific needs of each Smet Supported Partner, helping to provide the client with a total solution and compliance with BS 8204-7:2003.”

One of the major benefits of becoming a Smet Supported Partner is the ability to tap into SMET’s diverse wealth of knowledge and expertise with the team available to consult on projects and carry out pre-site surveys.

“It also provides customers with added peace of mind that they can enjoy a high quality service before, during and after the project is completed,” added Joris. “With our experience we are able to offer effective solutions.”



Turley Bros: HydriFlo

Tracey Concrete: Alpha-Flow

FP McCann: Easi –Flow

Lagan Cement Products: Lagan Flowing Screed

Fast Floor Screed Ltd

Kilsaran Create: AlphaFlo

S. Kildea & Sons Ltd

MC Group


Brendan Doherty Ltd

Liquid Screed Ltd

O’Neill Concrete Flooring Ltd

Floor Screed Ireland Ltd

B.O.D Construction Ltd


 “We ascertain and meet the specific needs of each Smet Supported Partner, helping to provide the client with a total solution.” Joris Smet – Company Director, Smet Building Products Ltd


Smet are innovators, firmly at the forefront of the flowing and self-levelling floor screed supply industry. We are renowned for our comprehensive range of innovative self-levelling floor screed products including Calcium Sulphate based screed binders, self-smoothing Calcium Sulphate based screeds and compounds, cement based screed binders, self-smoothing cement based screeds, lightweight flowing screeds and flooring compounds for domestic, commercial, industrial and design use.  Suffice to say, the Smet portfolio has a CE marked floor screed solution for any flooring requirement.

A recent addition to the flowing screed sector is Smet LiteFlo®, a lightweight Alpha Hemihydrate screed, which is unique in that it’s a factory produced, pumpable, high-quality screed material based on Calcium Sulphate.

LiteFlo® is designed for application at thicknesses of between 20 and 90mm, complies with EN 13813: 2002 and is CE marked.  This screed is extremely lightweight, it yields 43kg at 40mm thickness, compared to sand and cement flooring, with a 30% weight reduction compared to a normal Calcium Sulphate flowing screed.


We recognise that, as a supplier of top quality building products and services, we must ensure our operations are carried out to the highest of standards.  In order to achieve this, we operate a BSI registered EN: ISO 9001:2008 quality management system that defines our working procedures and processes.  Similarly, our Smet Supported Partners can rest assured that quality is our priority with all flooring materials CE marked and complying with EN 13813:2002 and EN 13454:2004.

As true innovators, we have become the first company in Ireland’s construction industry sector to partner with the NBS National BIM Library. Businesses adopting BIM will have a key advantage when contracts are being agreed, leaving non-adopters suffering.  The UK governemnt has endorsed BIM whereby all new government sponsored construction projects must use BIM from 2016. This will ensure Smet Building Products Ltd remains at the forefront of innovation, streamlining and efficiency improvements in the construction industry.  Further, Smet demonstrates commitment to excellence by ensuring all our flooring products have NBS specifications alongside the new BIM objects and are members of the Federation of Master Builders. The operation of our quality assurance system illustrates our commitment to providing excellence in all our services, systems and products. Our aim is to achieve total client satisfaction for every aspect of our work.


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