Lidl Tuam | SMET Bauprotec Render System | McCallion Group


Job: LIDL Tuam
Contractor/Smet Supported Partner: McCallion Group
SMET Products Used:

Bauprotec 850 M – Lime Cement Render

Bauprotec RHS – Multi-Purpose Render

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Local Smet Supported Partner, a seasoned Lidl Contractor, McCallion Group machine applied the LIDL External Render System onto Poroton blocks externally using as Base Coat: Bauprotec 850 M – Lightweight Lime Cement Render, and as Key Coat: Change of substrate concrete/steel pillar/Poroton block or mass concrete and insulated plinths: Bauprotec RHS Multi-Purpose Render.

The internal Render System specification onto Poroton blockwork consists of a base of Coat: Bauprotec 850 M, Lightweight Lime Cement Render, sponge floated in warehouse areas, and skim finished in sales areas. Key Coat: Change of substrate concrete/steel pillar/Poroton block: Bauprotec RHS is used.

The Irish LIDL render spec, available from SMET consists of:

Bauprotec 850 M is a factory-produced Lightweight Lime Cement Render, specially designed for machine or hand application produced to EN 998-1: 2010 and is CE Marked.

Bauprotec RHS is a CE Marked, factory-produced highly polymer-modified render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2010.

The special render properties; lightweight, low thermal conductivity, high yield, and the Smet Supported Partner superior technical backup, are key factors in choosing SMET.

SMET is committed to delivering consistently superior quality, German-made Render Systems to Lidl Plastering and rendering/plastering contractors across the UK and ROI.  If you’d like to speak to us about your Lidl job – contact SMET.

All LIDL spec SMET Render System products are available directly from Smet Building Products Ltd, which ensures the contractor has a superior level of technical backup in the machine application of the LIDL specification.