CASEA Bauprotec RHS – Multi-Purpose Render

Bauprotec RHS – Multi-Purpose Render is a CE Marked, factory-produced highly polymer-modified render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2016.

Bauprotec RHS is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected aggregates, cement, polymers, and other components to give a high-quality weather-resistant rendering product that is suitable for use in external rendering and internal plastering. The unique properties of this render make it suitable for a multitude of purposes such as adhesive bridge/key coat on difficult substrates or adhesive and fiberglass reinforcement base coat on insulation and cement particle boards.

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Benefits of CASEA Bauprotec RHS – Multi-Purpose Render

• Multi-Purpose
• Excellent Adhesion and Flexibility
• Machine or Hand Application
• High Yield
• Weather Resistant
• CE Marked
• EN 998-1:2016


Technical Details for CASEA Bauprotec – RHS Multi-Purpose Render

Standard CS III as per EN 998
Compressive Strength Approx. 6.0 N/mm²
Adhesion ≥ 0.08 N/mm² FP A, B or C
Yield as per standard Approx. 1.40 kg/mm/m²
Water Demand Approx. 6 l per bag of 25 kg
Grain Size 0-1 mm
Water Vapour Permeability Coefficient μ ≤ 25
Reaction To Fire building material class A 1, non-combustible
Packaging  25 kg Bags

Available in 25kg bags, 42 bags per pallet.

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