A new Building Collective signs important letter of intent for EasylationWall.

July 14th was a big day for “Het BouwCollectief” conducted by BBG / EasylationWall. Signing the letter of intent for renovating 384 homes of ZoWonen in Beek!

The official statement from ZoWonen;

The current state of the facade from the Carmelflats at Beek (The Netherlands) annoys not only the residents but also the owner of this complex ZoWonen. The facade is a build up ETICS system with stucco. The facade is very dirty and is a problem for many years now as we speak of moisture in the living areas. It is time to act! The coming period 2016 until 2019 all eight flats with 48 apartments each will be renovated.

Principal ZoWonen
In this project ZoWonen will be in the principals’ as well as the directors’ seat. This means that the corporation is not re-inventing everything itself and will search for a contractor to do it. No, the corporation challenges the market, based on the current problems, to come with the best innovative solution that will fit in the budget. The reason fort his is the conclusion that professional parties in the market can do this much better that the corporation. The division “vastgoedbeheer” selects parties that present a good design and project plan, are experienced process managers and can do the job within time.

The cooperating parties BBG/EasylationWall presented the most attractive proposal. This building collective from Geldrop (NL) is specialized in External Thermal Insulating Composite Systems (ETICS), which have a brick slip finish. With the EasylationWall system, the Carmel flats will not only get a new look and feel, they also improve on acoustic en thermal demands, which result in a strongly improved environmental climate. The plan is not poured in concrete yet, but the first presentations where promising enough to write down a letter of intent to make the next step. The planning and financial consequences wil be written down in a maintenance planning and budget. Deadline fort his will be august 24th.

In May Zowonen challenged the market to come with a plan, June 22nd “Het BouwCollectief” presented her first plan, both parties will now take the next step to finalize things. The speed of the process is very good, both parties conclude that they are a perfect match and have confidence that revitalizing the Carmel Flats will be prosperous. Tuesday July 14th both parties formalized there intentions by signing a letter of intent at the head office of ZoWonen.

EasylationWall is strong in innovation

EasylationWall is the latest in innovative, easy-to-use, stunning, industry-leading EWI technology based on brick slips, utilising natural stone or ceramics. EasylationWall is innovative in every aspect; from the method of installation, use of materials, the speed of application, to the achievable energy standards – all of which distinguish themselves from other systems. EasylationWall can be installed in new-builds and renovation projects and is also very suited to off-site construction systems such as timber-frame, steel-frame and prefab-concrete construction.

At a glance – 10 benefits of the EasylationWall system:

Any stone in any texture can be used – brick, natural stone or ceramic
Quick to assemble – easy to apply
High insulation value through use of XPS system
Dry construction method – not weather dependent
No cold bridges and moisture-regulating
Thermal insulation and acoustic solution in one system
Applicable sustainably, 99% recyclable
Low cost due to light construction method
Stronger grout joint
10 year product guarantee

Exceptional energy efficiency in EasylationWall EWI using XPS

EasylationWall has been fully equipped to meet challenges in reducing energy with its superior thermal insulation properties. In fact, even greater energy efficiency can be achieved because applications may be up to 300 mm insulation thickness. For example, using a 140 mm insulation board onto a single leaf wall construction and a brick slip – a U-value of 0.2 W/m²K is reached. However, using a 200 mm insulation board achieves a U-value of 0.15 W/m²K. Ultimately, utilising a 300 mm insulation board – a U-value of 0.11 W/m²K is achievable.
EasylationWall delivers high insulation values through use of an XPS system. The materials are made of extruded polystyrene hard foam. The high density insulation boards have a high thermal resistance and excellent impact resistance, delivering extremely durable end results. Due to the sealed cell structure, the system is damp proof and offers many unique characteristics. EasylationWall is therefore also a perfect solution to challenges in the areas of artistic design combined with thermal insulation.

Achievable Thermal Performance with EasylationWall XPS Insulation boards:

Board Thickness (mm)

Lambda W/mK

R-Value m²K/W

U-Value W/m²K

60 0.029 2.10 0.48
80 0.029 2.80 0.36
100 0.029 3.50 0.29
120 0.029 4.15 0.24
140 0.029 4.80 0.20
160 0.029 5.50 0.18
180 0.029 6.20 0.16
200 0.029 6.85 0.15

Quality & Environment:

  • the system is manufactured under EN ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 systems
  • CE marked and manufactured to EN 13164
  • complies with the performance requirements of Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt (D) for Thermal bridge free construction