Well done to the dynamic duo - Colette Hood and Joris Smet!! Pictured here with BSI Client Manager, Mairead Magennis.

Sustainable Procurement

We are BES 6001 Compliant!

SMET is BES 6001 Compliant

SMET is BES 6001 Compliant

Please download our Environmental Policies:

Responsible Sourcing Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd

Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement Policy | Smet Building Products Ltd

Please download our Certificate:

BES 6001 Certificate | Smet Building Products Ltd

📢SMET is Delighted to announce its certification to BES 6001!♻
Well done to the dynamic duo – Colette Hood and Joris Smet!! Pictured here with BSI Client Manager, Mairead Magennis.

The key objectives of the standard are:
✔ To promote responsible sourcing of products
✔ To give clear guidance on the sustainability aspects that should be addressed
✔ To provide confidence that materials and products are being responsibly sourced

The benefits are:
✔ Demonstrating to stakeholders that SMET sources products responsibly
✔ SMET can make more informed decisions when selecting suppliers
✔ SMET improves its overall social and environmental performance

Why is this important?

Responsible sourcing is becoming increasingly important when procuring materials for construction. Standards such as BES 6001 (responsible sourcing of construction products) are increasingly specified on major projects. The BRE developed the BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing. It is an independent stakeholder-supported, third-party scheme that enables manufacturers to have the responsible sourcing credentials of a wide range of materials assessed and certificated.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products provides a holistic approach to managing a product from the point at which component materials are mined or harvested, through manufacture and processing.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products is demonstrated through an ethos of supply chain management and product stewardship and encompasses social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products addresses aspects such as stakeholder engagement, labour practices, and the management of supply chains serving materials sectors upstream of the manufacturer.

What is BES 6001?

Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing

BES 6001 – The Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing – see the Green Book Live Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products page to access the standard and related information.

The standard sets out requirements under 3 main headings:

  • Organisational management
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental and social issues

BES 6001 Certification gives manufacturers the opportunity to:

  • Differentiate their products against competitors
  • Demonstrate corporate reputation and leadership
  • Benchmark their manufacturing performance and facilitate continuous improvement through certification

And specifiers and purchasers the benefit of:

  • Securing additional BREEAM credits for their buildings
  • Reducing risk down the supply chain
  • Demonstrating corporate reputation and leadership.

Read how our two main German suppliers for screed, render, and tiling are doing in their commitments to the environment and sustainability:

Sustainability is very important to CASEA and it is implemented at all levels – from the supply of raw materials and logistics to production and recycling. Regional focus on quarries in different parts of Germany also contributes to sustainability because it avoids unnecessary climate-damaging transport routes.   Read More: https://www.casea-gips.de/en/profile/sustainability/



With low-emission products and health-promoting, eco-friendly projects. Sopro Bauchemie honours its responsibility to nature, the environment, and future generations. Read More: SOPRO SUSTAINABILITY.




              SMET is BSI quadruple-badged!

SMET sponsors Newry High School annual Awards Ceremony cup


“The local Newry community in which our staff and families live is the bedrock of our society, and the work done by our voluntary, community groups and charities in our local community makes key differences to people’s lives by enhancing emotional health and well-being.  Supporting local charities, clubs and their causes is very important to SMET. 

We diligently supported a wide variety of causes over the years to a budget of approx. £1,750 per year”.

Joris Smet, Managing Director SMET

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