SMET Continues to Delight Customers and Partners

SMET customers would wholeheartedly recommend our services to others.


Following a recent small scale customer satisfaction survey, where we asked a range of questions regarding customer perception of the SMET brand and how they rate our services, we found ALL our customers to be extremely satisfied overall with the level of customer care provided by us.  Customers deem us to be positively responsive to their needs, with all specifying us to be either very responsive orhighly responsive.

Further, 100% of our customers see us as extremely professional, a very pleasing accolade which reaffirms the level of commitment to our brand and to addressing our clients needs.  When asked, every single customer eitherstrongly agreed or agreed that they would wholeheartedly recommend Smet to others.  This is an extremely positive sign that Smet Building Products Ltd are continuing to delight their customers.

This customer survey, along with the glowing client recommendations are a testament to the growing SMET brand, the professionalism of staff and the commitment to total client satisfaction.

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