Sopro Solitaer® F20 – Pervious Grout 3-20 mm

Ready-to-use, atmospheric oxygen-curing, synthetic resin-based, one-component tile and paving grout for light-duty natural stone, concrete and ceramic coverings/pavings, and, in particular, ceramic patio tiles of thickness ≥≥ 2 cm1), on bound and unbound bed.


Sopro Solitaer® F20 - Pervious Grout 3-20 mmc

Solitaer® F20 Grout_avail from SMET in UK & ROI

For grouting outdoor natural stone, concrete, ceramic, and clay coverings/pavings and, in particular, ceramic patio tiles of thickness ≥ 2 cm, for bound (rigidly installed) and unbound constructions. Also suitable for grouting untreated and highly modified cast stone units. Trial grouting is required for factory-treated/factory-finished cast stone units. In light-duty areas, e.g. patios, garden paths, hardstandings, and building entrance areas 2).

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Featured Benefits of Sopro Solitaer® F20

■ For slurry and broom application
■ Pervious
■ One-component and ready-to-use
■ No weed growth
■ For bound and unbound constructions
■ Particularly suitable for ceramic patio tiles of thickness ≥ 2 cm 1)
■ Also suitable for application under exposure to light rainfall/precipitation
■ From 3 mm joint width
■ For natural stone, concrete, ceramic and clay segmental pavements
■ Suitable for use categories N1 and N2 2) under ZTV-Wegebau (German Special Technical Conditions and Guidelines for Pathways and Squares) and VBK 1 – 3 under DNV Pflaster (German Natural Stone Association Segmental Pavement Guidelines)
■ Resistant to frost and de-icing salts
■ For outdoor use

1) Size limitation: for units up to max. 80 x 80 cm; for unbound construction min. 30 × 30 cm.

2) Traffic loads to category N2/ZTV-Wegebau possible for bound bedding construction.
3) Ceramic patio tiles of thickness ≥ 2 cm from 20 mm joint depth, subject to compliance
with design recommendation

SMET supply a range of Streetscape® materials suitable for all Streetscape® hardscaping uses, from laying, grouting, cleaning and sealing concrete or other paving units.

Packaging: 25 kg PE bag in a bucket, vacuum-packed; 12.5 kg PE bag in a bucket, vacuum-packed