The Helix Park, Falkirk, Scotland, Streetscape®

Job: The Helix Park, Falkirk, Scotland
Smet Supported Partner: RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd
Product: Streetscape® BS 7533 compliant materials

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Newry-based Smet Building Products Ltd, supplied Streetscape® BS 7533 compliant laying course materials including; bedding course, jointing and priming mortars, to Scottish-based principal contractor, RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd for the hardscape element of the new Helix Park project.  The hardscape element of the Helix Park, comprising of open-space paving and connecting pathways, totalling 9,000 mof granite paving, was expertly laid by paving contractor, Granite Paving Specialist Ltd. The SMET Streetscape® portfolio complies with the rigorous requirements of BS 7533 with all products undergoing independent testing and certification to confirm compliance.  By providing a superior level of customer service and focused aftercare to their Smet Supported Partners, Smet Building Products Ltd, with the Streetscape® brand, demonstrates best-practice in Streetscape construction partnerships.  Click for more detailed information on the SMET Streetscape® BS 7533 range.