Streetscape® SoproDur® HF-D817 High Strength Sealant

Streetscape® SoproDur® HF-D 817 is an acetate-curing, oxime-free sealant resistant to high mechanical and chemical loads and with excellent ageing, UV, weathering and temperature resistance.

SoproDur® HF-D 817 can be used for sealing floors and perimeter joints exposed to high mechanical and chemical loads in warehouses, factory halls, workshops, washing facilities, catering kitchens, yard areas, and public realm areas.

Suitable for glass, tiles and rear tile faces, stone, enamel, polyester, GRP, uncoated aluminium, stainless steel, concrete, aerated concrete. Metal substrates should be corrosion-protected. SoproDur® HF-D 817 adheres to a wide range of unprimed substrates.

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Featured Benefits of SoproDur HF-D817

• Excellent chemical, ageing, UV, weathering resistance

• High-temperature resistance

• High-pressure cleaning resistant

• Oxime-free

• For indoor and outdoor use

• Colour: grey 15

Packaging: 310 ml Cartridge (12 no. per box)