Stontex Green to Clean 5L

This professional grade and environmentally friendly cleaning product is specially formulated for the removal of microbiological products such as moss, algae mould and fungi from porous, external surfaces such as natural stone & mono-block driveways. Also ideal for treating vertical cladding surfaces i.e. brick, render, stone and has the added benefit as a wood preservative on timber cladding, decking, and fencing. Cleaning agent stays active on your surface for up to 9 months, no more power washing which can damage your material, simply spray on and walk away within two days to max two weeks all organic stains will disappear and the enzyme will keep working for many months inhibiting any regrowth.

The thermal properties of your building are thereby greatly improved resulting in energy retention and thereby saving as well as protecting the cladding material from UV and weather damage. Ongoing maintenance and cleaning is much easier no need for aggressive power washing simply spray our Green to Clean onto your treated cladding once or twice a year for hassle-free clean cladding.

Field Of Application

Always pick a dry day to apply needs to be dry for four to six hours after application to ensure that active ingredient keys into the surface material and keeps working for up to 9 months before it’s necessary to retreat. Pour the 5L drum of Green to Clean into a 25L knapsack sprayer and fill up with water this product is always diluted with water. Then you simply spray a generous amount saturating the surface, spray directly onto the organic stains i.e. algae, lichen and moss and then walk away. This unique formula is activated by UV rays so wait for a few days up to a few weeks at most and all your organic stains will disappear.

Associated Products

Once your surface is clean and dry then it would always be recommended to seal your material. If it is natural stone or stone effect paving then use either Rapid Dry Stone Sealer for a natural matt finish or Colour Intensifier for a wet look finish. For stone, brick or render cladding use our Façade Pro 500 cladding protective treatment. After treating with the appropriate sealer then use the ongoing maintenance cleaner recommended.

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  • Suitable for DIY and Professional use.
  • Specialist for the removal of algae, moss, lichen, fungi etc.
  • Coverage rate up to 80sqm per 5 litre drum
  • For use on external surfaces only.


For a comprehensive range of renders, contact SMET.

Available in 5 L drum.