3 Henrietta Street | Internal Plastering Tom Togher | Bauprocalc KAP 830

CASEA Bauprocalc 830 / Tom Togher Plastering
Job: Henrietta Street, Dublin
Smet Supported Partner:
Tom Togher Plastering Contractors
Product: Bauprocalc KAP 830

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CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830 – Hydraulic Lime Based Render was selected for the internal plastering in the renovation of this important historical house in Dublin.  Principal building contractor, Lee McCullough Consulting Engineers were tasked with this mammoth renovation project.  Smet Supported Partner, Tom Togher was selected for the application of the internal plaster.

Project in brief – (text from Lee McCullough Consulting Engineers)
Henrietta Street ranks amongst the more important architectural and urban ensembles of this country. It is the single most intact and important architectural collection of individual houses – as a street – in the city. In the international context, the street is of unique European significance, being the single remaining intact example of an early-18th century street of houses, which was at the forefront of what was to become the Georgian style.

Houses #3 and #14 were acquired by Dublin City Council in a bid to arrest their continued dilapidation and prevent collapse. Both houses had been significantly weakened by water ingress and consequent timber decay. The front wall of #3 was in particularly poor condition and significantly cracked. The rear wall of #14 had been weakened by past interventions and was close to the point of collapse.

Our brief was to restore structural integrity whilst minimising both cost and structural intervention of these important protected structures.

The selected plaster, CE Marked CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830 is a factory produced hydraulic hardening render/plaster based on lime, specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2003.

Benefits of CASEA Bauprocalc KAP 830 – Hydraulic Lime Based Render

• High water vapour permeability (breathability)
• Machine or Hand Application
• Suitable for external and internal use
• Sustainable
• Application up to 20mm
• DIN EN 998-1:2003

It is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected aggregates, hydraulic and building lime to EN 459-1 and other components to give a high-quality rendering product which is suitable for use in external rendering and internal plastering. The unique properties of this render make it suitable for application on low, medium and high-density substrates, for the renovation of old and listed building and ecological new builds.

The product’s unique properties such as; high water vapour permeability (breathability), sustainability, and the special composition which allows constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment, were key drivers in the selection of this lime system.

Smet Supported Partner, Tom Togher, Machine Applied Plaster and his team applied the high-quality products to a high-class finish. Another showcase of sympathetic restoration, using top quality lime and lime based products available from Smet Building Products Ltd.

Well done to all involved!