Casuprim AS pur Primer

Casuprim AS pur is a ready-to-use, solvent-free synthetic resin dispersion for gypsum-based and mineral finish coat machine and hand plasters. Due to the alkali resistance of the primer, it is also suitable for lime-cement plasters. Casuprim AS pur is used to neutralise absorption on strong absorbent mineral substrates, to prevent premature drying of the plastering/rendering top coat.

Casuprim AS pur is diffusible, odorless, alkali resistant and tinted yellow for ease of identification and even coverage.

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Benefits CASEA Casuprim AS pur Primer

• ready-to-use and quick-drying

• ideal for pre-cast concrete substrates

• for walls and floors

• solvent-free

• EC1 (PLUS) very low emission (PLUS)

• for indoor use

Field of Application and suitable substrates Casuprim AS pur Primer

Casuprim AS pur is used on strongly or differently absorbent mineral substrates, which require plastering/rendering. The substrate must be sound, dry, clean, and free of efflorescence, laitance, release agents and any other contaminants that may prevent proper adhesion.

Casuprim AS pur may be applied by brush, roller or suitable spray device. Casuprim AS pur is ready for use and does not need to be diluted further. Thorough stirring before use is recommended. Before starting any subsequent work, it must be ensured that the primed surface is adequately dry. The drying times under normal conditions (20 ° C, 65% humidity) is about 2 hours. A bucket (15 kg) is sufficient for up to 100 square meters, depending on the condition and absorbency of the substrate. Exact consumption quantities can be determined by creating test areas.

Technical Details for Casuprim AS pur Primer

Colour Yellow/Amber
Specific Weight 112 kg/l
Base Acrylic water-based dispersion
Dilution Do NOT dilute
VOC Value ≤ 1 g/l
Yield Approx. 100m² per 15kg, depending on the substrate
Drying Time 2 hours

Available in Buckets: 15 kg buckets.