CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Floor Screed Binder

RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Binder is a specially formulated calcium sulphate binder suitable for the production of rapid self-drying, top-quality, self-levelling (flowing) floor screeds, simply by blending with suitable sand and water on site. CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Binder complies with EN 13454-1:2004 and is CE marked.

RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Screed is suitable for floors in homes, offices, public buildings, and places exposed to similar loads. CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Screed may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load-bearing floor, unbonded on a separating barrier (polytheen), as a floating floor, and is particularly suited in conjunction with underfloor heating or cavity floors. CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Screed should be covered with a floor finish such as tiles, linoleum, parquet, cork or carpet. If a cement-based adhesive or smoothing compound is required the surface of the screed must first be sealed, using an appropriate acrylic primer/sealer.

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Benefits of CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Binder

• Rapid-Self-Drying, allowing early floor covering
• Pumpable
• Under Floor Heating – Full Encapsulation
• Smooth, Laitance Free Surface Finish
• Reduced Drying Times
• CE Marked
• EN 13454-1: 2004
• Big Bags and Bulk

Technical Details for CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Binder

Screed Specification EN 13813: 2002
Maximum Thickness 75mm
Minimum Thickness Bonded: 20mm

Unbonded: 30mm

Domestic: 35mm

Commercial: 40mm

Over Underfloor heating Pipes: 25mm (BS 8204-7)

Use (External Use) No
Use (Internal Use) Yes
Compressive Strength (28 days) > 20 N/mm²

> 25 N/mm²

> 30 N/mm²

Flexural Strength (28 days) > 4 N/mm²

> 5 N/mm²

> 7 N/mm²

Bulk Density approx. 1.3 kg/dm3
Flow Rate 230 – 250mm (slump flow – Hägermann cone)
Light foot traffic approx. 8 hours depending on drying conditions
Partial load-bearing capacity approx. 36 hours / 1.5 days depending on thickness and drying conditions
Pot life (open time as mortar)  30 – 45 minutes depending on ambient conditions
Reaction To Fire  A1 Non-Combustible
 Packaging big bags and bulk
 Residual Moisture Content

(dependent on temperature and site conditions)

< 1.3% CM for timber, parquet flooring
< 1.7% CM for all other floor coverings
Contact SMET technical team for thickness over 75mm

Packaging: Available in big bags and bulk.

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