PE – Impact Sound Insulation under Screed

PE – Impact Sound Insulation, in colour blue, is certified to ÖNORM B6010, EN29052-1 and EN 13501-1.  The PE foam with a closed sell structure is a 5 mm thick impact sound insulation membrane, made of closed cell polyethylene foam to be installed below flowing screeds. The use of PE – Impact Sound Insulation leads to significant improvement in impact sound insulation.

PE - Footstep Sound Insulation roll in widths 100 and 150 cms

PE – Footstep Sound Insulation roll in widths 100 and 150 cms

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Technical Details for – Impact Sound Insulation

 UnitValueTest Method
MaterialPE foam with a closed cell structure
Volume Weightkg/m³22STN 64 7011:1977
Standard Widthcm100, 150
Standard Lengthm50, 75
AbsorptionObj. %Max. 2STN 64 5421
Dimensional Stability%Max. 2STN 64 5405
Environmental Effects



Environmentally friendly, Freon-free, 100% recyclable.
Hygienic Assessment of MaterialsHealth – Hygiene suitable materialTest Method Hygienikers SK
Footstep sound insul. ΔLwdB18STN EN ISO 717-2