Sopro FS 15® plus Levelling Compound 2 – 150 mm

Universal, pumpable, self-levelling, rapid-set, cementitious surface filler with excellent flow properties. Applied in thick and thin coats to level out mineral substrates and produce smooth, plane, unbroken subfloor surfaces. Used as a base for all types of floor covering, e.g. ceramic, natural stone, textile, elastic, and parquet flooring. Castor chair resistant and suitable for use in conjunction with floor heating. Excellent workability and hardened mortar properties thanks to Sopro Mikrodur® technology. Excellent flow properties achieved by the use of a superplasticizing admixture.

Click this link to watch a Sopro FS 15® plus video demonstration.

Floor-levelling compound for creation of smooth, unbroken surfaces to receive any flooring type, e.g. ceramic tiles, natural stone coverings, vinyl/LVT flooring, carpeting, parquet, linoleum and PVC.

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NBS Specification Clause

Benefits of Sopro FS 15® plus Levelling Compound

■ For floors, indoors
■ Coat thickness: 2–150 mm
■ Quick-drying
■ Long reactivatability: approx. 25 minutes
■ Extra-low-stress and extra-low cracking susceptibility
■ Compressive strength after 28 days: approx. 35 N/mm²
■ Flexural tensile strength after 28 days: approx. 9 N/mm²
■ Particularly suitable for slimline heating systems
■ Long working life: 30–40 minutes
■ Walkable/ready to receive ceramic covering: after 2 – 3 hours
■ Pumpable
■ Smooth and level for subsequent flooring installation
■ Optimum thermal conductivity after 28 days: 1.1 W/mK
■ Suitable Sopro perimeter insulation strip available
■ Low-chromate to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Annex XVII
■ DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council): Top quality level 4, Line 8
■ Recommended by Sentinel Haus Institut

Technical Details for Sopro FS 15® plus Levelling Compound

Coat Thickness 2–150 mm *
Mixing Ratio (water only) 5.5–6.0 ltr water : 25 kg Sopro FS 15 550. Take care to ensure exact proportioning of water
Flow table ratio 26.5–27.5 cm (Vicat ring to DIN 1164; size: internal diameter 65 mm at top and 75 mm at bottom,height 40 mm; on suitable, dry, clean glass plate)
Thermal conductivity After 28 days: 1.1 W/mK
Working Life 30 – 40 minutes
Walkable After 2 – 3 hours
Coverage Approx. 1.6 kg/m² per mm coat thickness
Ready to Recieve Floor Covering After 2–3 hours for ceramics; after 24 hours for a natural stone finish; applicable maximum permissible moisture content ≤ 2.0% CM must, as a general requirement, be confirmed by CM measurement prior to flooring installation.

Particularly impervious floor coverings, e.g. linoleum, PVC, parquet etc., can (depending on filler coat thickness) be applied at earliest:

2 – 5 mm coat thickness: after 1 day

5 –10 mm coat thickness: after 2 – 3 days

10 – 25 mm coat thickness: after 3 –14 days

25 – 40 mm coat thickness: after 14 –21 days

Applicable maximum permissible moisture content ≤ 1.8% CM must, as a general requirement, be confirmed by CM measurement prior to flooring installation.

Castor Chair Resistance Suitable (for castors to EN 12 529) upwards of min. 2 mm coat thickness
Specified Times Apply for normal temperature range of +23°C and 50% relative humidity; higher temperatures shorten and lower temperatures lengthen these times.
Application Temperature Between +5 °C and max. +25 °C
Tools & Cleaning Mixing attachment, squeegee, finishing trowel, mixing pump, spiked roller; wash tools with water immediately after use.
Packaging 25 kg bag

Available in 25 kg bags.

*) Up to 150 mm in bonded construction.
**) Based on DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) criterion “ENV1.2 Local Environmental
Impact” (2015 version).

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