Private Home, Swinford, Co. Mayo

CASEA Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Binder / Fast Floor Screed Ltd


Job: Selfbuild, Swinford, Co. Mayo
Smet Supported Partner: Fast Floor Screed Ltd
Product: CASEA Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Binder

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Smet Supported Partner, Fast Floor Screed Ltd, completed the floor screed supply and application of industry leading flowing alpha hemihydrate liquid screed, totalling 253m2 @ 50 mm depth in a floating application over underfloor heating. Smet Building Products Ltd in partnership with Fast Floor Screed Ltd, demonstrates best practice partnerships, yet again in providing a superior level of customer service in screed flooring. Whether your job is self-build, retro-fit, floor renovation, design floor, commercial, shop flooring, sustainable building or an industrial venture – we have a floor compound suitable for your flooring needs.