Fast Floor Screed Ltd | Raddiplus NA Rapid Screed | Hanover Quay Dublin

Job: Hanover Quay Apartments for Cairn Plc
Smet Supported Partner: Fast Floor Screed Ltd
Product: Fast Floor Screed RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Screed

CASEA Sudanit 280 Binder


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We supplied our Smet Supported Partner, Fast Floor Screed Ltd with our CE Marked CASEA Raddiplus  NA Rapid binder and our CE Marked, EPD Certified, Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate binder which they installed in the new luxury apartments in Hanover Quay, in the docklands of Dublin. The volumes installed were 2,000m2 of Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate binder and Raddiplus NA Rapid drying screed to a total of 350m2.

CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Binder is a specially formulated calcium sulphate binder suitable for the production of rapid self-drying, top-quality, self-levelling (flowing) floor screeds, simply by blending with a suitable sand and water on site. CASEA RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Binder complies with EN 13454-1:2004 and is CE marked.

It was accurately and consistently supplied using Fast Floor Screed’s state-of-the-art mobile screed factory, thus produced to specification on site. Mixed by the computer system on the mobile screed factory with a special blend of CE marked aggregates, it meets the performance criteria of EN 13813: 2002.

This screed is designed for application at thicknesses of between 20 and 75 mm. RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Binder complies with EN 13454-1: 2004 and is CE marked.

RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is suitable for floors in homes, offices, public buildings and places exposed to similar loads. RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Screed may be applied as a levelling screed directly onto a load bearing floor, unbonded on a separating barrier (polythene), as a floating floor, and is particularly suited in conjunction with underfloor heating or cavity floors.

RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Screed should be covered with a floor finish such as tiles, linoleum, parquet, cork, carpet or a suitable coating. If a cement based adhesive or smoothing compound is required, the surface of the screed must be sealed first using an appropriate acrylic primer/sealer.


  • Rapid-self-drying, allowing early floor covering
  • Hardening Time (light foot traffic) 10 hours (under ambient conditions)
  • Drying time with UFH – 24 hours
  • Ready for floor covering when moisture levels read 1.7% CM
  • Pumpable and installed to full BS 8204-7 compliance
  • Underfloor heating – full encapsulation
  • Smooth, laitance-free surface finish
  • Reduced waiting times – so no delay for follow-on trades
  • Useful when UFH is not fitted as dry after 10 days @ 20⁰C 65% RH
  • CE EN 13813: 2002

Our Smet Supported partner, Fast Floor Screed uses a fleet of Mobile Screed Factories – this is a unique system. The automatic production process ensures materials are precisely weighed, fed to the mixing bin and into the pump for easy, mess-free installation. This ensures the Fast Floor Screed Mobile Screed Factory produces floor screed to a consistently high quality. Have a look at Fast Floor Screed past projects.

Smet Building Products Ltd in partnership with Fast Floor Screed Ltd, demonstrate, once again, a superior level of customer service, both pre and aftercare in flooring. Whether your job is self-build, retro-fit, floor renovation, design, commercial or an industrial venture – we have a floor compound suitable for you.

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