24,000m2 Alpha Hemihydrate 280 binder | Fast Floor Screed | National Forensic Mental Health Hospital Portrane

Job The National Forensic Mental Health Service Portrane
Smet Supported Partner: Fast Floor Screed Ltd
Product: 24,000m2 Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed 

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We supplied 24,000m2 to our Smet Supported Partner, Fast Floor Screed Ltd. The industry experts pump-applied Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed using their fleet of Mobile Screed Factories in the new hospital complex, The National Forensic Mental Health Service (NFMHS) in Portrane.  The NFMHS is a new state-of-the-art facility located 22 km from Dublin City in Portrane, North County Dublin. The project was awarded by Health Service Executive to the Joint Venture formed by OHL (50%) and OHL’s local delivery partner JJ Rhatigan (50%).

The project, which commenced works on site in 2017, comprises the construction of a forensic mental health hospital, as part of St. Ita’s Hospital complex. It covers a floor area of 24,000 m2, not including the energy, maintenance, and gardening buildings. The new hospital will accommodate 170 patient beds, distributed as follows: National Forensic Hospital: 120 beds; Mental Health Unit for Children and Adolescents: 10 beds; Intellectual Disability and Mental Health Unit: 10 beds; and the Intensive Care Rehabilitation Unit: 30 beds. The construction project also includes the execution of spaces related to energy production systems, maintenance, and horticulture.

This CE marked, self-smoothing, self-levelling screed is the most technologically advanced floor screed available, complying with the performance requirements of EN 13813.  Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed’s advanced composition means that it reacts with water quickly – providing consistent, reliable drying characteristics and considerably faster drying times – enabling follow-on trades to proceed without delay.

The Fast Floor Screed Mobile Screed Factory – is a unique system. The lorry mounted rigs carry Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate binder, sand & aggregates, and water in separate compartments. The automatic production process ensures materials are precisely weighed, fed to the mixing bin, and into the pump for easy, mess-free installation. This ensures the Fast Floor Screed Mobile Screed Factory produces Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate floor screed to a consistently high quality. Have a look at Fast Floor Screed’s past projects.

The floor is remarkably quick to walk-on – applied at 500m² per day and walkable within 6 hours and it’s particularly suitable for use with UFH, fully encapsulating pipes and services – increasing the performance of underfloor heating, maximising your insulation, and therefore improving your building’s U-Values performance.

Did you know…? This Alpha Hemihydrate Screed can be installed in a heated floating-floor screed construction, uniquely, with the commissioned underfloor heating system up and running at 25°C?!

Smet Building Products Ltd in partnership with Fast Floor Screed Ltd, demonstrates, once again, a superior level of customer service, both pre and aftercare. Whether your job is self-build, retro-fit, floor renovation, design, commercial, or an industrial venture – we have a floor compound suitable for you.

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Watch Fast Floor Screed Ltd, Ireland’s leading floor screed applicator, one of our busiest Smet Supported Partners, Fast Floor Screed Ltd,  install their flowing screed, made using Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Binder, applied with their state-of-the-art mobile screed factory – click this video:

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