Private Home, Floor Relevelling, Colbinstown, Co Kildare

Cemdure 110 / Fast Floor Screed Ltd


Job: Private Home, Floor Relevelling, Colbinstown, Co Kildare
Smet Supported Partner:
Fast Floor Screed Ltd
Product: Cemdure 110

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Smet Supported Partner, Fast Floor Screed Ltd – Ireland’s leading floor screed contractor – completed the floor screed renovation and relevelling of this private home in Colbinstown, Co Kildare, using industry leading Cemdure 110.  Cemdure 110 is a pre-blended dry powder, designed for use in domestic and commercial buildings with pplication at thickness between 2 and 30 mm in one operation. Under normal conditions foot step traffic onto the floor is possible after 1-2 hours and the final heavy loading after 1-3 days due to conditions on site.  Cemdure 110 is designed for use as a thin levelling screed in domestic and commercial buildings. It can be used as a subfloor for carpets or tiles. Cemdure 110 can be applied with an automatic mixer pump. In small areas it can be mixed in a barrel or drum and spread out on the floor. Click this short video to view the machine applicatoin of Cemdure 110 by Fast Floor Screed Ltd in action. Whether your job is self-build, retro-fit, floor renovation, design floor, commercial, shop flooring, sustainable building or an industrial venture – we have a SMET flooring compound suitable for your level flooring needs.