Private Home, Castlenock Rd, Dublin 15

CDGM Construction, Newry / Lightweight One Coat Render


Job: Private Home Castlenock Road, Dublin 15
CDGM Construction, Newry
Product: Onexit Universal Render in through-colour 701

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High Quality, low maintenance, Onexit Universal Render in through-colour 701 was selected as the façade solution for this new build in Co Dublin. Smet supported partner, CDGM Construction, Newry, applied the single coat, high quality, weather resistant render – produced to EN 998-1 2003 by machine application.  Onexit Universal’s properties, such as:  low maintenance, through-coloured and high yield, along with the superior technical support provided by  Smet Building Products Ltd, were the key factors in selecting this façade system.  Smet Building Products Ltd, demonstrating, once again – best practice in supporting their selected partners.