Lidl North Hylton Road Sunderland| SMET Bauprotec Render System | RDF Building Ltd

Job: Lidl North Hylton Road, Sunderland
Main Contractor: RDF Building Ltd
SMET Products Used:

Bauprotec 850 M – Lime Cement Render

 Bauprotec RHS – Multi-Purpose Render

Bauprotec SLP – Tanking & Plinth Render

Mineral Finish Coat – K

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Smet Supported Partner, RDF Building Ltd machine applied the LIDL External Render System onto Poroton blocks externally using as Base Coat: Bauprotec 850 M – Lightweight Lime Cement Render and as Finish Coat; Mineral Finish Coat K. As Key Coat: Change of substrate concrete/steel pillar/Poroton block or mass concrete and insulated plinths: Bauprotec RHS Multi-Purpose Render with the addition of Bauprotec SLP for plinths.

The Internal Render System specification onto Poroton blockwork consists of a base of Coat: Bauprotec 850 M, Lightweight Lime Cement Render, sponge floated in warehouse areas and skim finished in sales areas. Key Coat: Change of substrate concrete/steel pillar/Poroton block: Bauprotec RHS is used.

The LIDL render spec, available from SMET consists of:

Bauprotec 850 M is a factory produced Lightweight Lime Cement Render, specially designed for machine or hand application produced to EN 998-1: 2010 and is CE Marked.

Bauprotec RHS is a CE Marked, factory produced highly polymer-modified render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2010.

Mineral Finish Coat – K is a CE marked, factory produced mineral based, high-quality finish-coat render, specially designed for hand and machine application to EN 998-1, 2010.

Bauprotec SLP is a CE Marked, factory produced Lightweight Sand & Cement Render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2010.

The special render properties; lightweight, low thermal conductivity, high yield and Smet Supported Partner superior technical backup, are key factors in choosing SMET.

RDF Building describes the build: “RDF Building was extremely proud to be successful in not only securing the construction of a new build retail superstore but also in the on-time delivery of the project, all whilst surpassing the client’s expectations on quality and meeting their budget.

The new build superstore was constructed on a large piece of wasteland that was formerly a car garage so environmental treatment, alongside constant surveying of the land, had to be undertaken prior to the works starting and throughout the project.

The design & build project was overseen by RDF’s excellent Project Manager’s that liaised with all parties to ensure that all regulations and expectations were met, and as stated by the client…’surpassed’.

The site underwent a massive amount of groundworks, including attenuation tanks, new entrances and retaining walls, just to enable the setting out of the new building to begin.

Excavations were completed to allow the many tonnes of steel reinforcement to be installed within the footings prior to the concrete being poured.

The steel framed building was designed and erected on the site which then allowed modern insulated metal roofing & cladding panels to wrap its frame. Aluminium curtain walling was designed and installed to allow light to flood the new build thus saving energy and costs.

Once watertight the internal works, such as tiling, plastering and the M&E installation, could progress. Heat recovery units and electric car charging points were incorporated into the scheme to make the building as energy efficient as possible.

The site was fully landscaped along with the car park being surfaced, white lined and connected to the existing road so that customers had clear access to the store.”

SMET is committed to delivering consistently superior quality, German-made Render Systems to Lidl Plastering and rendering/plastering contractors across the UK and ROI.  If you’d like to speak to us about your Lidl job – contact SMET on.

All LIDL spec SMET Render System products are available directly from Smet Building Products Ltd, who ensures the contractor has a superior level of technical back up in the machine application of the LIDL specification.