Lidl Moore Street Dublin | SMET Bauprotec Render spec | Monami Construction

Job: LIDL Moore Street, Dublin, Ireland
Main Contractor: Monami Construction 
SMET Products Used: Bauprotec 850 M – Lime Cement Render

Bauprotec RHS – Multi-Purpose Render

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Smet Supported Partner, Nomami Construction machine applied the LIDL External Render System onto Poroton blocks externally using as Base Coat: Bauprotec 850 M – Lightweight Lime Cement Render, and as Key Coat: Change of substrate concrete/steel pillar/Poroton block or mass concrete and insulated plinths: Bauprotec RHS Multi-Purpose Render.

The internal Render System specification onto Poroton blockwork consists of a base of Coat: Bauprotec 850 M, Lightweight Lime Cement Render, sponge floated in warehouse areas and skim finished in sales areas. Key Coat: Change of substrate concrete/steel pillar/Poroton block: Bauprotec RHS is used.

Monami Construction completed the refurbishment oft this existing LIDL Store on Moore Street, Dublin.  This project involves the refurbishment of the existing store and the construction of a new warehouse and staff area in the basement level under the store. The entire scope of works included: 

New Basement Level

1. New warehouse.

2. New stairs from basement level to store level.

3. New good lift from basement level to store level.

4. New staff room and kitchen.

5. New training room.

6. New welfare facilities.

Existing Store

1. New openings to facilitate the new goods lift and access stairs

2. Extending of the existing bakery freezer and preparation area.

3. Extending of the existing cash office.

4. Extending of the existing public welfare facilities.

5. Reduction of the existing warehouse at ground floor level

6. Extension of the entrance area.

7. Modifications and upgrading of the entrance off the public street.

The project was completed in October 2017

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