ICF House 360m2 | Sopro Rapidur® EB5 Rapid Dry Floor | B Doherty Mobile Screed Factory

Job: Self-Build ICF House 360m2
Smet Supported Partner:
B Doherty Screeding Services
Product: Rapidur® EB5 Rapid Drying Floor Screed

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SMET supplied Binder to Smet Supported Partner, Brendan Doherty Screeding Services, for the flooring solution in this fast-track floor solution in new built ICF House 360m2. B Doherty Screeding Services completed the flooring project using their Mobile Screed Factory.

B Doherty’s Rapidur® EB5 Rapid Drying Sand / Cement Levelling Floor Screed is a pumpable, high-quality, rapid drying, levelling floor screed material based on sand, cement, and Sopro Rapidur® EB5 binder It’s mixed using Portland Cement, sand, fibres, Sopro Rapidur® EB5 screed accelerator, and water.  It is factory-produced on-site by our state-of-the-art mobile screed factory. Our floor screed complies with the requirements of BS EN 13813:2002 and BS 8204: Part 1 and can be used for bonded, unbonded, and floating floor screed constructions for both residential and commercial applications. The hydration process is speeded up through rapid water-binding properties allowing early floor covering installations.

Benefits of B Doherty Rapid Drying Floor Screed

• Factory Produced On-Site
• Rapid Drying and Fibre Reinforced
• Allowing early use of screed
• Allowing early floor covering installations
• Bonded, Unbonded, and Floating Floor Screed Constructions
• Suitable For Underlayment In Wet Areas
• BS 8204-1 ISCR Categories A, B and C


SMET delivers another innovative, showcase flooring solution to their Smet Supported Partners.  Click the link to see a showcase of jobs recently completed by expert screeder, Brendan Doherty Screeding Services.

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