Gann Hydromette BL Compact B 2

The BL Compact B 2 is an electronic structural moisture meter for non-destructive building material moisture measurement. The Hydromette uses the dielectric constant/radio frequency principle of measurement. The versatile ball sensor is used to sense moisture in building materials of any kind as well as to determine the moisture distribution in walls, ceilings, and floors. The Hydromette has an audible alarm, which will resound if the values exceed the limit. Limits for the building materials can be set individually. The ‘hold’-function enables an easier measurement for locations that are hard to access. An ideal pre-tester for use with all ‘CM’ devices.

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Technical Specification for Gann Hydromette BL Compact B 2

• Characteristic curves for 7 types of building materials
• ‘Max’ and ‘hold’ functions
• Acoustic alarm function
• Indication of the device’s temperature/ ambient temperature
• Automatic calibration
• Automatic cut-off
• Unit temperature display
• 200 mm [L]


0 – 199.9 digits (scanning range)
0.3 – 6.0 % of dry weight
0.3 – 4.0 % CM

It is important how the unit is held while measuring: The BL Compact B 2 unit should be held at the rear part of the unit and applied to the material to be measured at a 90° angle.

SMET takes floor moisture reading_Gann mositure meters_UK and ROI

SMET takes floor moisture reading_Gann moisture meters_UK and ROI

Additional information for devices with USB port can be found in detail in the document Operating Instructions GANN Blue Line Compact B2_ 2022

USB communication with a PC Before the Hydromette BL Compact B 2 is connected to a PC, the „GANN Dialog Pro“ software has to be downloaded and installed. (fig. 0-1). This will enable you to install the device drivers, which are required as well (fig. 0-2).
Connect the Hydromette BL Compact B 2 to a Windows PC. Do not switch on the Hydromette. The device will automatically start in USB mode. In this mode taking measurements is not possible. Using the GANN Dialog Pro software, the devices‘ firmware can now be updated via the internet. USB mode will be active even after the Hydromette has been disconnected. To return to standard mode, switch off the device, and then switch it on again.

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