New LIDL Tallaght | SMET Bauprotec renders applied by Relwal Plastering Ltd

Job: New Lidl Store, Tallaght, Co Dublin
Smet Supported Partner: RelWal Plastering (John Lawler)
SMET Products Used:

CASEA Bauprotec 850 M – Lime Cement Render

CASEA Bauprotec RHS – Multi Purpose Render

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Bauprotec 850 M – Lightweight Lime Cement Render and Bauprotec RHS – Multi Purpose Render, were selected for the LIDL spec render facade of the brand new Lidl Store located in Tallaght in Co Dublin.  Smet Supported Partner, RelWal Plastering, machine-applied the Lightweight CE marked Lime Cement Render, produced to EN 998-1: 2003, internally and to external facade up to a height of 8.5m.  Bauprotec 850 M is manufactured from a controlled blend of selected aggregates, lightweight aggregates, cement, polymers, fibres and other components to give a high-quality weather resistant rendering product which is suitable for use in external rendering and internal plastering. The product’s special composition allows the product to breathe and also permits constant hygrometric exchange between the substrate and the environment. Bauprotec RHS is a CE Marked, factory produced highly polymer-modified render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to EN 998-1: 2010.

The special render properties; lightweight, low thermal conductivity, high yield and Smet Supported Partner superior technical backup, were the key factors in choosing Smet Building Products Ltd in delivering high-quality products to RelWal.

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